5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Treatments

Did you know: fall is the absolute perfect time to replace your window treatments? Sprucing your home up right before the holidays will make your guests ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over your living space—and it’ll keep your family cozy all winter long.

Switching out blinds, curtains, or shades for new ones will instantly upgrade the look of your space—and it could save you a little extra cash. Still deciding whether to invest in new window treatments? Here are the top 5 signs it’s time for you to upgrade.

1. Discoloration

White blinds are beautiful when they’re first hung. Over time, however, they are super susceptible to yellowing. If your blinds are starting to look a little dingy, it might be time to replace your window treatments. You could mix it up or keep it the same. With so many designs and styles available, you’re sure to find something that works for your home. If you're hoping to prevent yellowing, selecting a style in a darker hue could do the trick.

2. Worn Cords

When you have installed a quality set of blinds, the cords can last for many years—but, over time, cords can wear and fray. Frayed blind cords are unsafe for your children or pets, as they can cause the blinds to break or fall when touched. Our advice? Purchase a set of cordless blinds when you decide to replace your window treatments. (Here are the best window treatments if you have pets.)

3. Outdated Design

Sometimes, you just want a refreshed, recharged living space. If you’ve grown tired of your curtains or you feel like upgrading your blinds, just do it. Old window treatments could make your home look outdated—but a simple redesign could transform your space.

4. Don’t Serve Purpose

Window treatments are more than just ‘home decor’. Truth is they serve a purpose—to keep sun out of your home, give you privacy, and provide energy savings. Over time however, technology change and window treatments wear. Once upon a time, you owned the latest in window treatment technology—now, your treatments are a thing of the past. Switching to a more functional set of window treatments could end up saving you big bucks on your energy bills (and give you more privacy!).

5. Hard To Raise

Are your blinds difficult to lift or close? If they require brute force to open, you might find that the lifting mechanisms of your blinds could be damaged or they’re on the brink of falling apart. If not replaced soon, you run the risk of them falling down when someone tugs too hard. Keep your family safe (and avoid frustration!) by installing a new, functional set of blinds ASAP.

Ready To Replace Your Window Treatments? Choose Budget Blinds of Snohomish County

Do these warning signs seem all too familiar? Replacing your window treatments might be the next step for you and your family. At Budget Blinds of Snohomish County, we can help you enhance your home with new, functional window treatments that best meet your needs. Whether you’re interested in traditional blinds, curtains, shutters, or shades, we can help you find what is right for your home. Wondering how to purchase window treatments? Here’s all you need to know about how to choose the window treatments for your Woodinville home.

Ready to replace your window treatments? To learn more about our wide selection of quality blinds, shutters, and more, contact Budget Blinds of Snohomish County online or give us a call at 425-263-9138.

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