Dangers to Avoid When You Have Children

When it’s time to bring your newborn baby home, you’re going to be overwhelmed so one of the pre-labor tasks you’ll want to check off your list is baby-proofing. Maybe three months or so before the due date, take time to make sure your house is set up to be your child’s safe haven (and not a house of dangers at every turn!). Here, we’ll share some of the most common household dangers for newborns and toddlers on the move. 

7 Household Dangers You’ll Want Your Kids to Avoid

Small Appliance Cords

Think of all the small appliances around your kitchen and bathrooms. Most of them are probably not cordless—and the last thing you want to have happen is for your child to unknowingly burn themselves on a hot iron or have something hefty like an air fryer tumble off the countertop. To avoid this mishap, store away any appliances that are used infrequently and keep the cord wrapped up. For everyday appliances, like the TV, it could be beneficial to invest in cord covers. 

Uncovered Electrical Outlets

Every pediatrician and child life specialist will tell you the same—please cover your electrical outlets. Most outlets are at eye level with children, and to a curious child it’s something they’ll want to explore, so it’s best to purchase and install outlet covers ASAP. Just make sure to purchase ones that are tamper-resistant and don't have any small pieces. 

Sharp Corners

Sharp corners of the coffee table, dining table, and bed frames can be a doozy for any toddler. As they are growing fast, they don’t always realize their height, which can make these sharp edges terrible places to get a head injury. Cover and protect all sharp corners ahead of your baby's arrival or at least before they begin to wander around on their own.

Toxic Houseplants

We often think of toxic houseplants in terms of what to avoid for pets—but it’s easy to forget that children can be just as curious. Before you bring a new house plant into your home check if it’s safe, especially if it's going to be within your child's reach. Some toxic plants you’ll want to avoid include: Philodendron, English Ivy, Daffodils, and Azaleas. 

Blinds with Long Cords

Most parents are familiar with this one but it’s always best to keep your little ones away from the blinds. Why? Because their cords pose a strangulation risk. No matter their age, children have a curious mind and blinds cords are just tricky enough to get them in a bind. One way to avoid this danger is by installing cordless blinds, cellular shades, or roller shades before the due date. 

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