Roller Shades Make A Comeback

Traditionally, Roller Shades haven’t been the usual first pick when styling a home or office. They are the fall back option when budget is low, or when the space is for more industrial purposes. But now they are making their way into personal homes and offices, bringing much more flare than they have in the past. With these options, more and more shoppers are choosing roller shades over drapes or blinds. Why? Here are some fun ideas on how to hop on the Roller Shade wagon and bring a different look to your space.

Room Full Of Windows 

If you have a room full of windows, you know that although the natural light is amazing and probably the reason for the room in the first place, that space to decorate is limited. The free wall space is either too small to do anything with, or at such awkward parts of the room that it would just look odd to place anything in the space. But with roller shades these days, you can have your cake and eat it too! Roller shades can not only come in endless options of designs, but can actually be made with artwork on the shade itself. During the day you can let in all the light you want, maybe closing one or two shades of your choice --- while at night all the shades can be drawn, doubling as beautiful artwork on the walls. You can have the same shade on each window, or mix and match your colors and fabrics to compliment each other when all the shades are down. The Motorized Roller Shades are an efficient option for a room with many windows!

Kids Room 

Whether it’s the bedroom, the school room, or the home-school room -- the kids can feel excited and eager to be in their own space when the room provokes their imagination. Roller Shades can be used for an assortment of patterns, i.e. favorite super heros, geographical locations, showcasing other languages...think about your child’s personality and interests and imagine having them on display in the room around them. Plus, these shades come in a variety of control options. You can choose the standard cord, or install a cordless lift roller shade which is easy to use and safe for the kiddos.

Narrow and Long Windows

Some homes and offices have a series of several narrow windows, taking up half to a third of the length of the wall. These can simply be windows that open, or even doors on a balcony.  Because the room rely’s on the light allowed in from these windows, and normally there is plenty of space for wall decorations, less on the window in this situation is a prime choice. You want to stay away from a cluttered look, and roller shades are the solution. Easily functional to allow in light and practically unseen when rolled to the top or bottom of the window, they still protect from UV rays and give privacy when needed. However, they can be unrolled half way to reveal a complementary pattern or color to give the room a little spark without being overbearing.

Kitchen Windows

Many kitchens have that one window over the sink, overlooking the backyard, or if you’re in the city...possibly your neighbors living room. Regardless, like the narrow windows, Roller Shades are a great option for a subtle touch to the room but still allowing in natural light and privacy. You can brighten up the entire kitchen with a bright color, and can also choose the cord type that works best for your set up. With over 240 contemporary designs, you may find you prefer the shade to be down allowing the light as a backdrop, highlighting the design on the shade to give your kitchen that extra touch of style.

No matter what kind of space you have - considering roller shades as your entire window treatment or part of your window treatment is now an “in” thing to do. Personalize your home or office with your own designs and let your creativity run wild as each window is it’s own canvas. Plus, they are so easy to change that you could have a different vibe every month! 

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