5 Things You Should Have In Your House Once You’re An 'Adult'

Congratulations! You've figured out how to 'adult'. You've grown up, gotten a real job, moved out on your own, and secured a whole list of 'adult' responsibilities. But, what about your 'adult' apartment or very first home? Can you do anything to make sure your home is adulting, too?

Yes, yes you can. First thing's first, throw out that college futon. Then, start in the kitchen. Here are 5 things you should have in your house once you're officially an 'adult'.

Matching glassware

Throw out those old plastic cups from your very first apartment and rid your cabinets of any unnecessary clutter. If you're looking to impress guests and appear put together, buy a matching set of glassware. This one act goes a long way. Owning a set of six to eight drinking glasses (plus real wine glasses!) will help you feel like your kitchen is in order.

Serving dishes

Hosting guests in your home isn't new. You probably had people over in your younger years, too...but no longer should they BYOB, drink out of Solo cups, and eat off paper plates. If you plan to host guests in your 'adult' home, you should be ready to serve them. Owning proper serving dishes and supplies is key. Invest in serving dishes, a cheese board, and even those tiny knives that cut the cheese—you'll look like you've got it all together.

A living plant

When you're decorating your 'adult' home, real plants are ideal. You can finally take care of yourself—so how about giving your nurturing side a chance, too? Just remember, you'll need to know what kind of soil is ideal, where to place it in regards to windows and sunlight, and how often to water it.

A full-length mirror

No adult home is complete without a full-length mirror. Investing in a well-built, full-size floor-length mirror is the essence of adulthood. Ditch that over-the-door mirror and start anew—you and your houseguests will thank us later.

Proper window treatments

Gone are the days of cheap blinds and department store black-out curtains. If you want your home to feel put together, the easiest way is to invest in proper window treatments. Window treatments done right make all the difference and can give your home that "grown-up" feel you've been missing. Add a pop of color to your living room with fun drapes. Install motorized blinds in your bedroom for easy use. Trust us—when it comes to window treatments, the possibilities are endless.

What Are Proper Window Treatments? And, How Do I Install Them?

We're so glad you asked. Proper window treatments vary by home and personal tastes—but the installation is almost always the same. For homeowners in Snohomish County, we recommend calling in the professionals to get the job done right. Budget Blinds of Snohomish County will provide you with all of your window treatment needs for your 'adult' home. From design to precise measuring and installation, we deliver beautiful window treatments that perfectly complement your personal style. Want to learn more? Schedule your FREE in-home consultation at your convenience and get ready to be inspired—call today at 425-263-9138.

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