5 Home Decor Trends to Look for in 2021

It’s safe to say we all spent a lot of time at home last year...but during that time parked on the couch, we learned something: the look and feel of your home matters. When you spend quite a bit of time in a space, you need it to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. If anything, 2020 taught us that a cozy, well-designed space can give you peace, even in uncertain times. Here, we’ve tracked down 5 home decor trends to expect in 2021—because there is no shortage of fresh ideas to spruce up your work-from-home area!

DIY is back and better than ever.

Another lesson learned from 2020? Do-it-yourself projects are still in style (and way more affordable than you’d expect). With some of the extra free time we had last year, homeowners and apartment dwellers were able to spruce up their space with crafts and home improvement projects. We don’t see that going away in 2021. Tik Tok, Instagram, and Pinterest will continue to be flooded with DIY hacks and home decor ideas for the foreseeable future.

Natural tones win over bright colors.

Bright colors have lost to natural tones, which we can expect to be on-trend for 2021. This will likely include greenery, taupe materials, sustainable fabrics and designs, and natural-looking textures. Decorating with woven baskets, linen fabrics, and lots of plants can help to refresh your space and keep you in style.

Wallpaper is still in.

Wallpaper has fluctuated in and out of style over the last few decades. We’re happy to report, in 2021, wallpaper is here to stay. Trend watchers have told us to expect patterns in navy blue, ocean blue, and greys. This is a plus, considering psychologists credit blue hues to calming the mind, slowing down heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and reducing anxiety. 

Decorate with plants and eco-friendly materials.

Fresh air is key; and with more time spent indoors, especially for those who live in metropolitan areas, plants can help refresh a space. Trend enthusiasts are also focusing on eco-friendly materials when making home decor decisions in 2021. Shoppers are looking for businesses that sustainably manage resources and offer environmentally friendly products—like Budget Blinds’ eco-friendly window treatments which help to preserve our natural resources and allow you to remain on-trend with innovative products and designs. 

Airy window treatments will reign supreme.

Today, our homes serve a variety of purposes. They have become our workplaces, our fitness studios, and our living units. Light and bright spaces are something we all crave—especially as we grind through a workday or practice yoga at lunch. Instead of heavy, patterned window treatments in 2021, consider a more minimalist approach to maximize natural light. Zen vibes are in and nothing creates a more calm and balanced environment than natural morning light.

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