Spring Home Decor Trends That Are Taking Over TikTok and Instagram

If you’re not a member of Gen Z, TikTok could be far outside your wheelhouse. You might even think it’s all tween lingo, choreographed dances, and viral challenges, but it’s so much more. In early 2020, Millennials and even some of their parents began adopting TikTok as a way to cure the quarantine blues—and what came out of the boredom turned the platform into a surprising place to learn about what’s trending in home decor. Similarly, Instagram remains a hub for interior design content from the industry’s top influencers and decorators. So, the question remains, what’s the hottest spring home decor trend taking over the Internet?

5 Internet Viral Spring Home Decor Trends 

With so much more time being spent at home last year, it was only natural that sprucing your space became a must. This year, we expect to see more of the same as many companies have announced permanent work from home and added flexibility between home and the office become commonplace. Want to stay in the know? Here are the top 5 trends we expect to find anywhere and everywhere this season.

Brass Accents

Brass is so hot right now. If you haven’t seen the trending Anthropologie mirror, you’re missing out. Trust us when we say adding brass accents to your space can keep your space fresh and fun. Looking to make only a small change instead of a big investment? Simply replace your chair legs, dresser knobs, and wall frames with brass designs.

Color Everywhere

Instagram influencers aren’t shy about showing off their favorite hues. In fact, they love it so much that bright and fun, funky colors are making a comeback in the home decor space. For so long, muted shades and neutral decor allowed for a blank canvas to show off your greenery and maybe a pillow for a pop of color. Today, the accent wall is back and bolder than ever!

Statement Pendant Lights

In 2021, TikTok and Instagram are all about showing off your unique personality. Not everyone has the same sense of style, which is why home decor has become so unique to the individual decorator—and we love when we can find a trend that lets you be “in” without sacrificing your creative freedom. This spring, show off your unique vibes with a pendant light above your dining table, in the foyer, or even in the bedroom. Love a beachy vibe? Choose a rattan light. Wanting to go modern? Choose a gold-framed globe chandelier. 

Textured Surfaces

From outdoor rattan lounge chairs to woven wooden window shades, texture is in this season. If you’re looking to balance out more traditional elements in your home—like the neutral colored walls or basic kitchen fixtures—opt to include textured elements for more depth and intrigue. Some of our personal favorite textured window treatments include bamboo shades, pleated shades, and textured drapes.

Smart Features

TikTok is all about innovation. If you can make your home smarter, do it. Smart features that we expect to be “in” this season include: motorized window treatments, additional Google Hub and Alexa devices, smart locks and home security systems, and even smart beds. 

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