Faux Wood Blinds or Natural Wood Blinds- Which Choice is the Best Option for You?

Faux Wood Blinds or Natural Wood Blinds- Which Choice is the Best Option for You?

When choosing between faux wood window treatments and wood window treatments, it’s best to know the pros and cons of both so you can make the most informed decision that fits your lifestyle wants and needs.

Choosing Faux Wood Blinds in Long Beach or Faux Wood Shutters in Long Beach.

Faux wood is a great choice for a location like long beach. Being near the beach ensures slightly higher levels of humidity which do not fare well with real wood. Faux wood, which is made of composite wood or vinyl, is durable and easy to maintain. It looks like the real deal, however it is slightly heavier and darker than wood shutters or wood blinds in long beach. The benefit of choosing faux wood window treatments is that they are economical, easy to maintain and durable. If you’re choosing to put them in a high-traffic area like the kitchen or the bathroom, then you will be saving yourself a lot of cleaning time and headache! These areas need to be maintained more frequently due to being visited more often. The window treatments do not warp and do not require special maintenance. Wiping them down with a clot and water will do the job. Also, humidity will not damage them. Faux wood blinds do not warp in humid environments.

Choosing Wood Blinds in Long Beach or Wood Shutters in Long Beach.

Real wood window treatments in Long Beach add an element of richness to your Long Beach home. They compliment most color schemes and will last a long time with proper maintenance. There’s nothing like the look of natural wood grain to add to the atmosphere of areas like your living room or den. They are lightweight, easy to hang and come in a variety of different colors made possible by stains. If you’re concerned about being eco-friendly when making the choice between faux wood and natural wood blinds in Long Beach, we do source them in an eco-friendly way, keeping from adding to the carbon footprint other companies contribute to.

Are you considering getting either faux wood blinds or natural wood blinds in the Long Beach area? Call Jason, owner of Budget Blinds of Long Beach, at 562.304.9379 for your free consultation.

Home Automation- is it for You?

Adding smart window treatments to your home is a good option if you’re concerned with style, function and safety. Don’t know where to start or which options you have? That’s ok. It’s why automation experts like Jason of Budget Blinds of Long Beach are around- to help you through the process.

Somfy Systems of Long Beach

At Budget Blinds of Long Beach, we offer both Lutron shades and Somfy Systems. They are leaders in the smart home industry and will take your home to the next level of automation. If your home already has smart features integrated into it, this will be a great addition.

Should you choose Somfy Systems in Long Beach, many aspects of your home can be automated. Inside your home, your blinds, shades, curtains and awnings can become automated. If you’d like to spend time in the shade outdoors when the sun beams down a little too hard, you can introduce automated awnings to your back patio.

If you’re worried about the sound of the motor being a distraction, rest easy knowing that Somfy’s motors are silent. With 15 different motor options, there’s something for everyone’s need.

If you get several aspects of your home linked up with Somfy products, you don’t have to worry about controlling it all individually. With the Somfy Mylink app, you can control all aspects of your home from one place. If you tend to be the forgetful type, you can adjust these aspects of your space when you’re away from home. Don’t worry about your home security or climate control again!

Lutron Motors of Long Beach

Lutron, another leader in home automation,  will add simplicity to your busy life. From motorized window treatments to LED lighting. It also works with caseta, a device which works with more smart lighting devices than any other smart control brand. It can be commanded to complete tasks by voice, dimmer, app, or remote.  It allows you to come home to an already lit house at night and to schedule lights to turn on and off during specific parts of the day.

The batteries on Lutron motors last for a long time and when it’s time to change them, the process is quick and easy. They are smooth, silent and do not disturb your home activities as they go on.

If you’re interested in automating your home but are unsure of whether Lutron or Somfy are the right fit for you, call Jason of Budget Blinds of Long Beach at 562.304.9379 for your free consultation. He’ll be happy to guide you to the right decision that will fit your needs.