Should You Get Large or Small Slats for Your Venetian Blinds in Lincoln?

Once you’ve decided you want to get venetian blinds in Lincoln, you need to start thinking about details. These types of blinds aren’t a case of one-size-fits-all and that’s the case literally. You’ll need to think about the size of the slats.

You can get large and small slats. Both of these options have their own pros and cons and will require multiple considerations to determine the best options for you. Here’s everything you need to choose the slat size for your home.

Consider the Amount of Light You Want to Allow In

Let’s start with one of the most obvious considerations. Larger slats in your blinds means large gaps between the slats when the venetian blinds in Lincoln are open. This means you’ll get more light into the home throughout the day.

While more light can be good for rooms like your conservatory, kitchen, and dining room, you can find it causes more problems. You’re not just allowing more light in, but more glare. More UV rays come into the room, which means the temperatures rise and there’s a higher risk of UV damage to furniture.

With smaller slats, you’ll find fewer UV rays are let in, so you can manage the damage and heat better. There isn’t that much in the way of darkness, either, especially if you get the lighter colored blinds.

Factor Window Depth for Venetian Blinds in Lincoln

The size of the slats will affect the positioning of the blinds in the window. They can become difficult to open if too large for your windows. Larger slats will require deeper windows to avoid the slats catching on the window when you open them.

You want to make the most of your window coverings and gain all the benefits possible. If you can’t use your blinds properly at all times, then you’re left not getting all the lighting benefits throughout the day.

Think About Heating Benefits

Venetian blinds in Lincoln can be the most effective at managing the temperature fluctuations in the home. When you close the blinds completely, you manage to stop the heat escaping through the window. You can also prevent UV rays coming in to stop the heat rising in the middle of the summer. This means you use your air conditioning and heating less throughout the year.

Both large and small slats can offer the heating benefits. Smaller slats are going to offer the most. There’s a small gap between each slat for the heating to escape or get in. The blinds will also overlap more, creating more double layers across the blind to further help the insulation around the window.

While there is a style element to consider, you’ll need to think about the practicalities and benefits of having certain sized slats in the home. If you have deep windows, you can seriously consider both large and small slatted venetian blinds in Lincoln. Then you’ll need to consider lighting and heating benefits when the blinds are in use. Which ones are right for you?