Can You Get Blackout Cordless Honeycomb in Lincoln?

Honeycomb shades offer a range of benefits. Cordless honeycomb in Lincoln offer one of the safest blinds options for the family. But do you need to sacrifice practicality for safety?

Sometimes you want a window covering that will block out all light. Blackout blinds are perfect for many reasons, but can you get them if you get cordless honeycomb shades?

Different Thickness of Material

It is possible to buy blackout shades in a honeycomb style. While the majority you find will be room darkening or light filtering, there is something for every single light-level need.

It’s all about the thickness of the material. The good news is you can get cordless honeycomb in Lincoln in a color that works for your needs and your home. There’s no need to just buy dark colors to get rid of the light.

The thicker the material, the more chance you have of preventing any light from coming into your home. However, would this affect the heating benefits of your honeycomb shades? The heat can still get through the material. In fact, you can possibly add another layer of benefit as not as much heat will escape into the cells, so there’s not as much to force back into the room.

Look Out for Thermal Cordless Honeycomb in Lincoln

Another option is to add thermal shades to your home. These are designed more for the heating benefit than lighting, but you certainly gain plenty throughout the day.

The shades have a layer of aluminum foil or other insulating material within the cells. The insulating material prevents the heat from escaping, trapping it on the right side of the shades – working for both in the summer and the winter.

Because of the thickness of the insulating material, you’ll find that the majority of light is completely blocked. You can get the blackout effect without trying.

Duel Honeycomb Shades

While you want to create a blackout effect at times, that’s not always going to be the case. Sometimes you just want to filter the light with your cordless honeycomb in Lincoln. This is where the duel shades come in use.

These have two layers to them. The layer closest to the window is a light filtering honeycomb shade or a solar shade. Closest to the room, there’s a thicker roller shade or the insulating honeycomb shade (depending on the choice closest to the window). You can get the best of both worlds.

Alternatively, you can choose to double up with your shades. Opt for a light filtering or room darkening cordless shade and then add a set of drapes on the outside. You can then gain the heating benefits during the day without cutting out natural light and add the blackout effect as and when you need it.

What type of window treatments are you looking at? Think about your needs for your home to determine the best options. You may just find that cordless honeycomb in Lincoln is the perfect option for your room’s needs.