Plantation Shutters in Lincoln: Buy New or Repurpose?

When it comes to plantation shutters in Lincoln, you will often look at buying new. But what if you already have a set of shutters that you’re not ready to get rid of. Maybe they’re still only a decade old and you want to make the most of them to really get your money’s worth. You could consider repurposing.

You may have also found a set of antique shutters and want to make them into something useful for your windows. Here’s how to consider whether to buy new or repurpose.

For Decorative Purposes Only

If your plantation shutters in Lincoln are only for decorative purposes, you could certainly look at repurposing. You don’t need to worry if they offer the energy benefits or if they look as good as new. After all, you could look for a rustic and worn style.

Repurposed shutters can be beautiful on the outside of your home can look perfect. However, you’ll need to make sure you can repurpose every shutter on the outside of the home. Exterior shutters need to match.

When it comes to the indoor decorations, you’ll get away with a mixture. It depends on the style of each room.

Aged or Broken Plantation Shutters in Lincoln?

Be honest with yourself about the shutters in your home. Are they just aged or have they broken? If you have broken slats on your shutters, they won’t look good when repurposed. Unless you can easily fix them or you’re purposely going with a rundown look (perfect for some rooms where you want a barnyard style) then you’ll want to make sure all the louvers work.

Of course, repurposing means you can do some minor fixings. For example, you may find the handles are broken on some shutters. These can be replaced with slightly more modern treatments. You’ll bring a mixture of old and new to your repurposed plantation shutters in Lincoln.

When broken, you’ll want to consider buying new. You can always get them sanded down in a way to make them look aged.

For Energy Efficient Treatments

Old plantation shutters in Lincoln may not be made to the energy efficiency levels as some options now. This is often the case with the older wooden shutters. There are far more durable and efficient materials available now.

If you want a set of shutters for practical benefits, you’ll want to look at getting new shutters. You can always have them designed in a way that creates a rustic sense of appeal, but you want plantation shutters that are a good value for money. Not only will you get something that looks good, but you’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills in the future, which the repurposed options may not offer.

Should you repurpose or buy new plantation shutters in Lincoln? This really does depend on what you want to gain out of your shutters. If you’re looking for something decorative, repurposing could be just what you need. If you want practical shutters for your home, you may find that buying new is cheaper in the long run.