How to Determine You Have Child Safe Blinds in Lincoln

There is a lot of focus on Lincoln child safe blinds at the moment. A number of horror stories have led to companies looking at alternative ways to create blinds. In the majority of cases, it’s all about the cords. Companies are cutting the cord to make sure small necks can’t get caught. But there are many other things companies are doing to keep your family safe. Here’s how to determine your blinds are child safe in your home.

Check the Cords

If you can’t afford to replace your corded blinds for cordless options, you’ll want to check the way the cord sits. Blinds with a loop are definitely not safe for children. Young children don’t understand that getting something wrapped around their necks is dangerous. It’s easy to become trapped in the loop while playing.

While some people will put the cord out of reach, this isn’t a foolproof option to create child safe blinds in Lincoln. Nor should you just tie the cord up and hope it stay out of reach. The best thing to do would be to cut the cord in two separate pieces.

Get Non-Looped or Cordless Options

Quite honestly, replacing your blinds is something worth considering. You can purchase corded blinds that aren’t as dangerous to your children as the ones you currently have. It’s possible to get a cord system that twists and is enclosed in a plastic hanger. It’s impossible for the knotted cord to become a danger issue unless the plastic breaks; and if this happens, you’ll want to replace your blind.

Of course, cordless options are certainly the best way to get Lincoln child safe blinds. These usually have a pull and lock mechanism. You pull the middle of the blind and then lock it in place. You have to pull the blind on an angle to release from the lock.

Make Sure the Lock Doesn’t Accidentally Go Off

Not all cordless options are perfect for your needs. The locking mechanism may be faulty or temperamental. The last thing you want is your child to just touch the blind and it bounces back in place. There’s a risk of damage to the body and face. Test the mechanism when you put the blinds up. If it is temperamental have it replaced or buy a new system.

One option is to have a system with a button at the top. You pull the blind down with your hands, but have to reach up for the button to release. Small children won’t be able to reach it, making the system one of the safest.

Consider Blinds on a Rung

You can get blinds that sit in a rung. You can just move the blinds up, down or to the side (depending on the style of blind) so they open and close. Some of the blinds sit open anywhere within the window, allowing you to pull from the top to let light in without glaring into the eyes.

These types of systems can be extremely safe for children. They don’t have cords and run on levers, so little worry about the locking systems. You can also keep the systems out of reach of children.

Consider all your options for child safe blinds in Lincoln. Now is the time to make changes before something happens to the important people in your family.