4 Tips for Decorating with Drapes in Lincoln Like a Pro

You know you want to hang Lincoln drapes in your home. That’s great! You’ve certainly cut down your window treatment options and found something cost effective for your needs. Now it’s just about decorating with them. It’s not as simple as just picking beautiful looking drapes and installing them quickly. You need to make sure they fit your window right and match the rest of your décor. Here are the top XX tips for decorating with drapes like a pro.

Never Underestimate the Length

Getting the right length for your drapes is essential. Many people work with the window length, but you just don’t get the right feel and appearance. It’s not just about reaching the floor, but about reaching from ceiling to the floor. You want to cover the whole wall space around your windows to make the drapes fit beautifully.

There are a few times that shorter drapes in Lincoln will work. If you have heaters under your windows, you may want to hang the drapes just above them. This will help to protect the drape material from heat damage. If you have high ceilings and low windows, hanging from in the middle of the two will help to create the length and minimize the ceiling height a little.

Always Work with a Color Scheme

You may just want the cheapest Lincoln drapes you can find, but this is not the way to create a beautiful look in your home. Don’t just opt for white or black. Think about the color scheme in your home. The drapes will dress the window and combine with the décor in the home.

Start by looking at the paintwork in your home. If you have alcoves painted in a bold color, consider using drapes in the same shade. The windows and alcoves complement each other, promoting the same boldness and beauty. This is especially beneficial if your alcoves are on the wall opposite your window.

You don’t need alcoves to make this work. Match the color of specific items of furniture or accessories. You can even paint the woodwork along the walls in the same color. Use white or cream for the rest of the walls to avoid clashing colors.

Don’t Just Hang Around the Windows

While most drapes will be used for the windows, this isn’t the only option. Drapes make beautiful accents for other parts of the room. You can dress full-length mirrors or pieces of artwork. Consider covering a wall or creating a divided in the room. You can even use the drapes around the bed for extra privacy and regality.

Don’t shutter yourself into just one use for your drapes in Lincoln. Consider every option available with your drapes to create a décor of your dreams.

Utilize Other Window Treatments

Your drapes don’t have to be the only items around your windows. Drapes work extremely well with other window treatments, especially shutters and blinds. You get double the light and heat control, extra privacy, and more security.

Make sure your drapes and other window treatments work together. Consider picking a drape color that stands out with furniture accessories or single wall colors and then have the shutters or blinds blend in with the rest of your room. This way the drapes continue to stand out beautifully and command the attention you dream of having.

Don’t just choose and hang. You want your Lincoln drapes to stand out for the right reasons. It’s all about size and coloring to decorate like a pro.