4 Ideas for Student Accommodation Window Curtains in Lincoln

You’re getting ready to move into your student accommodation and realized that the room has no curtains. Now you’re stuck with what to do to stop the light shining through and how to get privacy. Your landlord isn’t going to supply the Lincoln window curtains, so you’re left with sourcing ideas for yourself. Here are four ideas that will work perfectly for student accommodation curtains.

Spring Poles Are Perfect

Start by avoiding the poles that you need to drill into the wall. You’re not going to be in this accommodation for a long time (maybe two or three years at the most) and you don’t want to cause any damage. Spring loaded poles will just sit within the window frame, leaving behind absolutely no evidence that there were ever any curtains up.

You can then choose the type of material that goes onto these spring loaded poles. One of the most common options for a student is to just get a sheet that acts like a net curtain, but you can go for actual window curtains in Lincoln!

Add Your Personality

You want to feel like this room is your home for the time you’re there. It needs to speak to who you are as a person. So, it’s time to look for curtains that are personalized to you.

One of the best things about student accommodation is it’s usually painted in a neutral color. You don’t have to worry about the way your Lincoln window curtains will clash with the paintwork or varnishing on the doors. You just need to shop around for curtain material that has your favorite characters or are done in your favorite colors.

Don’t Sacrifice Cost for Quality

While you want something that is low cost, remember that you can take your curtains with you. This means you want the material to last over the years, so you can use them in the next property you go to. Low budget window curtains in Lincoln may be a positive for students, but don’t sacrifice the cost for the quality.

You want material that will hold up against the UV rays coming through your window. It’s important to get material that won’t fade and you definitely want fire-safe material for this home!

Think About Linen or Net Curtains

You don’t need to get traditional window curtains in Lincoln for student accommodation. How about linen or net curtains? They don’t block out as much light, so if you’re a light sleeper then you may find they’re not suitable. However, if you like waking up to the morning sun shining through the home, the sheer curtains could be just what you need.

Sheer curtains offer the privacy that you would expect in the bedroom. While the light may be able to shine through, it’s hard for eyes to see past.

Look into all your options for Lincoln window curtains for student accommodation. You have a lot of benefits by sourcing them yourself, as you make the room your own.