3 Tips to Coordinate Your Honeycomb Shades in Lincoln with Your Floor and Walls

Before you get your honeycomb shades in Lincoln, you’ll need to choose color and any pattern you want. Don’t just buy anything. You want to make sure your window treatments work with your flooring and your walls.

This is more than just matching colors. Coordinating your windows, walls, and floor will require a little extra step in the buying process but is certainly worth it. Here are three top tips for coordinating the shades with the floor and walls.

Start with a White Base

While black is perfect in the fashion world, white is the perfect base for your home décor. You have the choice of working with white walls or white window treatments. Just work with one of them to start and build up on this neutral color. If you don’t want a clinical look, cream is your second best option.

It is possible to use the white base for your flooring, but this isn’t always preferred and it will depend on the room. For example, a home with pets won’t work well with white carpets. However, you can get away with white tiles on the kitchen or bathroom floor.

White honeycomb shades in Lincoln are beautiful additions to the home. They keep the windows light, adding to the sense of bringing natural light into the home. You can still get room darkening and blackout benefits.

Choose a Focal Point

Many interior designers will work with the inside out. They focus on the furniture and area rugs and work the way to the walls. This is a good option if you already have furniture that you’re building up from. Sometimes, it’s best to work with the items you’re putting into the room and matching with them.

However, you don’t always want to do that. Sometimes you’re starting completely from scratch and this means choosing your focal point. Work with one focal point and build up from that.

You can start with the windows, building up with the walls, flooring, and then the furniture. Your honeycomb shades in Lincoln become the base, regardless of color.

Work with an Accent

Nope, this isn’t about your speech accent but an accent within the design. It’s usually a particular color that becomes a focal part of your room. This works with the white or off-white base.

If you’ve chosen cream walls, opt for honeycomb shades in Lincoln in the color of the accent. Oranges and light yellows are good for adding a sense of summer in the home. You can choose brown or greens for an earthy feel or reds and pinks for a sense of sensuality.

Add that accent in other parts of your home. You may have a carpet in the same color or throws on the furniture with the coloring.

Make your shades, flooring, and walls work together. Build up from them with the rest of the furniture and you’ll have a room you love. With the different colors of honeycomb shades in Lincoln, this is extremely easy to do while gaining plenty of benefits.