Why Choose Dark Drapes in Olympia This Winter

As we get closer to the winter months, we look for ways to keep our houses warm. The window coverings are important, as a lot of the heat escapes through the windows. You want to look at something thicker than your current shades, and drapes in Olympia are popular.

Don’t just get any sort of drape. You need one that is going to block the heat loss, and this can come down to more than just thickness of the material. Think about the color. Do dark drapes work for your home?

You’ll Feel Like the Room Is Smaller

Many of the benefits when it comes to specific colors is mental. When you look at dark drapes in Olympia, you’ll feel like they are warmer for the room. They make the space look much smaller, which feels like it should be easier to heat and keep warm. There isn’t the feeling that you need to keep the heating on all the time.

A smaller room also feels cozier. You can add other cozy elements around the space, including throws and cushions. This continues that feeling of the room being much smaller than it really is, so you don’t feel the need to put the heating on as often.

It’s Easier to Block the Outside World

Dark drapes in Olympia tend to be blackout styles. That’s especially the case when it comes to those suitable for the winter months. You’ll block the view to the outside world, which also blocks their view in.

Blocking the view is great for making a space feel warmer than it really is. You don’t have to see what the weather is like outside. If it’s snowing outside, you can shut that off from your space indoors, making it feel like it is a little warmer on the inside. You’ll use the heating less throughout the day and night before you don’t see the cold outside.

Dark Colors Absorb More Heat

There is also a physical reason to get dark drapes in Olympia. The colors will absorb more heat than the lighter colors, which helps to heat your home throughout the cold winter months.

Dark colors are known for absorbing light. This makes sense. The light hits the colors and will soak in rather than reflect around the room. It can seem strange to say that these darker colors will also absorb the heat, but it is for similar reasons. The colors soak up the heat, while the lighter colors will reflect the heat and even let it pass through. The materials play a part, too.

By the drapes soaking in the heat, the area around the windows remains warmer. The heat doesn’t feel the need to get through the windows to heat the outside because the windows feel warmer with the warmer drapes. This leads toa physical benefit. Your home remains warmer without the need for the heating on all the time.

You can get drapes in Olympia just for the winter months. Make sure they’re darker colors to give you the feeling of being warmer in the home.