Why You Need Cordless Blackout Shades in Renton

You’re looking at getting a set of blackout shades in Renton. Whether for your own bedroom or for a child’s bedroom, they are beautiful and practical additions to the home. However, before you buy anything, make sure you get something that’s cordless.

Cordless blackout shades are essential. It doesn’t matter which room you put the shades in, cordless offers a range of benefits. Here’s why you need to get them for your home.

They’re Safest for the Entire Family

It’s important to have something set up that’s safe for the entire family. Young children will play with cords not realizing the dangers. Pets get tangled up without even meaning to. You’re putting a lot of people and animals in the home in danger with the corded structures. And there’s absolutely no need for them.

Cordless blackout shades in Renton are the safest option for the entire family. You don’t have to worry about children playing with the cords when they’re alone in their bedrooms. There’s no fear of your cat climbing up the shades and getting tangled in the material.

Plus, manufacturers know that these types of shades are safer. If you want to find something for a child’s bedroom, you will have to go custom made to get corded blinds. Are they worth the extra money?

You Get Something that Fits Seamlessly

Cordless blackout shades in Renton look brilliant within the window. They fit within the frame without the extra cords hanging down. You don’t have something that gets in the way when you’re opening and closing the blinds.

Cords become a distraction around the windows. They break the flow of the wall and material of the blinds. You don’t have to worry about that break in the décor when you choose cordless structures.

Cordless Blackout Shades in Renton Offer Great Benefits

How about the benefits that you gain from your cordless shades? You’ll get a number of financial benefits from choosing these compared to the corded options. It’s all due to the way the blinds will sit.

Many of them will sit within a runner in the window. Just look at honeycomb shades. You pull on a small device at the front of the shade and run the shades up and down the runner. There’s no gap between shade and wall, so you don’t lose as much heat through the window. You save extra money on your heating bills.

They’re Easy to Use

As mentioned, many cordless blackout blinds in Renton sit in a runner. You just push a button in the middle and move up and down. They really are that easy to use.

If you don’t have them in a runner, you’ll usually have the blinds on a locking device similar to the shades you put in the car windows for children. You pull down and they lock in place until you either press a button at the top or you pull down to unlock. Everything can be done with one hand, which is perfect when you have a sleeping baby in the other hand.

It's time to look at cordless blackout shades in Renton. There’s no need to spend extra on the corded features.