5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Plantation Shutters in Des Moines

One of the biggest benefits of plantation shutters in Des Moines is how long they last for. These are the types of window coverings you keep for a lifetime. At least, that’s the idea. There are times they will need to be replaced, though.

You won’t want to, but you’ll gain more benefits when you do replace them. Here are the five signs you need to.

You’re Moving Home

You don’t want to take your current plantation shutters in Des Moines with you when you move. They won’t fit the windows perfectly, and you lose the warranty. On top of that, you could end up in some legal trouble if you promised to sell the home with the window coverings in place. It’s best to buy a new set of plantation shutters when you move. Get them made to fit your new place, and make sure you have the warranty in place.

You Buy a House with Shutters

If the plantation shutters have just been installed, you may want to keep them. After all, the risk of something going wrong with them so early on is low. However, if those shutters have been around for a few decades, you’ll want to replace them. The warranty won’t be there when you take over the house, and you’ll want shutters where you do have a valid warranty should something go wrong.

A Louver or Two Have Broken

While plantation shutters in Des Moines are sturdy and last for years, they can end up broken now and then. Maybe you have children who were playing ball in the house when they weren’t supposed to, or you may have had a bad storm that did some damage. When the louvers are damaged, you need to replace your shutters. They just won’t offer the same benefits they used to with broken louvers.

They’ve Become Stained Over the Years

Plantation shutters are relatively easy maintenance, but there are times that they need cleaning. They can become stained, and they end up not looking as good as they did in the past. If you’ve tried to remove the stains and found you can’t, it could be a sign that they need replacing. It’s going to depend on how much the stains bother you and why those stains happened.

You’re Ready to Sell Your Home

While you don’t want to take your plantation shutters in Des Moines with you, you may need to upgrade them when it comes to selling your home. You want to plan for this a few years in advance so that you gain some of the financial benefits of having the new shutters. Replacing old shutters that look worn down will be a great way to add value to your home.

Your plantation shutters in Des Moines are designed to last for decades. They’re not something you will need to keep replacing every few years, but there are times that you will need to put in something new. They’re still worth the investment, though.

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