Why Consider Cellular Shades in Kent for Your French Doors

Trying to get window treatments for your French doors can be difficult. The majority of them will get in the way of the handle or swing when you open the doors. You want to consider cellular shades in Kent for your French doors.

There are many benefits to choosing cellular shades for your French door windows. Here’s why they’ll make the perfect option for your home.

They Fit Perfectly in the Frames

Cellular shades in Kent will sit within the frames. They are designed to fit within the small spaces, custom made to work for whatever size of windows or doors you have. It’s possible to make sure you get a shade that fits only within the windows of your French doors. You don’t have to worry about covering the whole doors or the material getting in the way of the opening and closing mechanism.

The shades also won’t get in the way of the handles. The shades fit within the window of the doors, behind the handles. They’re thin enough to stay completely out of the way.

They Sit on Runners So Don’t Swing

While fitting in the windows, you’ll get a window treatment that is within a frame. The cellular shades in Kent move up and down the frame, so there’s no risk of them swinging out when you open and close your windows.

While you can get some shades that lock in place, you have to make sure they remain within the locking system. Cellular shades naturally remain within the frame. The only time they don’t is when they’re broken and need fixing or replacing.

Cellular Shades in Kent Offer a Range of Extra Benefits

There’s no doubt that cellular shades are among the best types of window treatments for benefits. They come in a range of colors to match your décor needs, but they offer many financial benefits. Cell shades are also known as honeycomb shades. The cells/honeycombs help to circulate air around the home and will circulate heat that tries to escape back into the home.

During the summer, you can use them to cover the windows entirely. You block the UV rays coming in but you won’t plunge your room in complete darkness. It’s possible to keep homes cooler, so you don’t have to use the air conditioning as much.

Of course, since they take up the whole window, they offer more privacy. You can also choose to open from the bottom up or top down allowing the light and view that you want in at the time.

You Have Something Affordable

Cellular shades in Kent are among the most affordable window treatments around. They are made of fabric, which helps to keep the costs to a minimum. This is even though you’re getting something custom made for your windows.

While being affordable, they are also cost beneficial in the long term. While you do gain major cost benefits from shutters and blinds, you save money upfront and in the long-term with cell shades.

It’s time to look at all your options for French doors. Cellular shades in Kent are certainly worth the consideration.