When to Use a Valance in Tukwila on Its Own

The time has come to buy new window coverings. Not all your windows will need blinds or curtains. You’ll get away with just a valance in Tukwila.

How do you know your windows are good without full coverings? Here are the top signs that a valance on its own is just right.

You Have a Small Window

If you have a small window, consider not adding too many window coverings to them. Adding curtains or blinds may be a distraction to the space. You end up making the window look even smaller, and this has a knock-on effect around the rest of the house. On top of that, you end up blocking too much light.

A valance in Tukwila on its own is often just perfect. You don’t take up a lot of space, while gaining the benefits that you do need. The main one is blocking the direct glare from the sun, and the material of the valance will help do to most of that. The only problem you may have is as the sun is setting or rising when it’s lower in the window.

The valance won’t cover up too much of the window. You still have a great view to the outside world, but you have the texture around the window you need.

You Don’t Need Many Window Covering Benefits

You won’t always need lighting and temperature benefits from windows. Privacy may not even be a main concern. When this is the case, a valance in Tukwila could be all your window needs.

This is often the case when it comes to smaller windows. You don’t have the space that brings in a lot of UV rays, so you just need something that manages the glare during some times of the day. It may be a window that isn’t visible to the outside all that easily, which means privacy isn’t a concern. You just want something that is going to add a splash of color inside the house.

In a lot of cases, the valances aren’t going to be visible to the outside world. If you’re in a condo or have a HOA, you don’t need to be as worried about the look from the outside.

The Windows Aren’t the Easiest to Reach

What about windows that are somewhat out of reach? This is often a problem with modern homes that have windows along the top of stairs. It’s hard to use window coverings for these, and it’s when motorized options are popular. How about a valance in Tukwila instead?

While you don’t get the full benefits of motorized shades, you will still gain some benefits. One of the biggest is adding texture around the windows. They don’t feel as naked, so you don’t feel like you’re letting as much light into the room as you could. You also don’t need to worry about opening and closing these out-of-reach windows.

You don’t need full window coverings across all windows. There are some that work with just a valance in Tukwila on its own.

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