What Type of Patterns for Roman Shades in Renton Look Good?

You know you want roman shades in Renton. They look good and offer all the benefits you need. What you don’t want is something plain, though.

With being made of fabric, roman shades can come with all sorts of patterning and styles. Which one is going to work the best for you? Here are some ideas.

Opt for Stripes for Something Simple

You can start with something simple when first looking at patterned roman shades in Renton. Stripes are popular, and you don’t just have to work with black and white zebra stripes. Match two colors together that you just love and work well or pick something else to alternate with the basic white or the black.

You don’t even need to work with plain straight up and down stripes, either. You can work with zig zag stripes, and these will help to add that little extra attention to your windows.

Work with Geometry

Chances are that you prefer to leave geometry at school where it belongs, but it can be great for patterns on roman shades in Renton. You can get polka dots, squares, or even a mixture of shapes on your shades. The basic shade will likely be white or a neutral color and then you add the extra color with the shapes.

These are great for a child’s bedroom. The shapes and colors will help to develop eyesight, and you can also use them as teaching moments. You’ll find a lot of roman shades in the child’s bedroom section will have these types of patterns.

Choose Floral Pattens on Roman Shades in Renton

If you want something that stands out a little more, look into floral patterns. You can go as minimalist or as detailed as you want.

Some people will choose simple line work. This often just involves the vines from a plant with maybe some leaves here and there. You’ll usually find that the lines are done in one color, and you can opt for black and white or a neutral color with another one that stands out.

If you’re a little more confident, you can add more floral patterning to the shades. Look out for different flowers that will match something else in the room. Or you can use the shades to pick out one color to add to other elements of the room.

Pick Out Cartoon Characters for the Kids

When it comes to a child’s room, you want it to be fun for them. As they get older, they want to move away from the geometric shapes. Instead, they want to add their favorite cartoon characters or show characters to their rooms, and you can do that with roman shades in Renton.

There are many that are made up with characters from various fandoms. Look out for Star Wars, Marvel and DC, or even Disney princesses. It’s completely up to you and what your child is into. And these types of shades are usually made cordless to keep a child safe.

You can add color and patterns to your roman shades in Renton. Start simple and work your way up to find something that works for your preferences.

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