What Do Your Window Shades in Tukwila Look Like from the Outside?

One of the benefits of window shades in Tukwila is that you can get a range of colors. There’s something for all décor needs, and children get a chance to put their favorite colors in their home. One thing you may not have considered is what that looks like from the outside.

It's important to consider the view from the outside. Here’s why and how your multiple window shades can look to the outside world.

Why Think About the Outside Look

Your window shades in Tukwila look beautiful for the décor in the home. The multiple colors will make sense on that side. That’s what you’re most concerned about, right?

While that’s the case, you need to consider the outside. With different colors in each room, you’ll get a look called Skittles windows on the outside. You have all the colors of the rainbow outside your home.

You may not be that concerned at first. After all, you love the look of your house on the inside. The problem is going to come when you want to sell your house. The Skittles windows will leave people uneasy as they walk into the home. This can lead to them instantly picking faults with your home, so they don’t even offer what you’re asking, let alone over asking.

You’ll also need to consider any covenants around the home. Some areas will state that you need to have matching colors on the outside of your windows. If you break the rules, you can be fined by the housing associations.

How to Get Matching Window Shades in Tukwila Outside

You don’t necessarily want to change the colors on the inside. You want to get the shades that will work for the décor in each individual room. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you will need to think twice about what your shades look like from the outside.

When you’re getting window shades, look for those that have your favorite color on one side and are a plain color on the other side. You can often find the ones that have a white background, especially when it comes to blackout shades or thicker materials. It doesn’t matter what color you have on the inside; you’ll have the matching colors on the outside.

Another option is to opt for net curtains on the other side of your window shades in Tukwila. They remain hanging throughout the day and night, offering an immediate white or cream base for the windows. Nobody will she the window shades on the other side of the net curtains. You also gain more privacy throughout the day, even when your shades aren’t in use.

You could also opt for plain shades. You put the color in the room with drapes or other materials. Of course, this isn’t as fun, and you don’t need to make this sacrifice if you don’t want to.

If you own your home, you’ll want to think about the way your window shades in Tukwila look on the outside of the home. It will make selling easier.

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