How to Use Drapes in Kent to Follow HOA Rules

HOA rules are annoying, but you need to follow them to avoid being fined. There tend to be a lot of rules surrounding window coverings, and you may feel like you’re limited to the types of window coverings you can get. You can still use drapes in Kent for most of the rules set by a housing association.

Not sure how to make your drapes work? This is going to depend on the rules that are set exactly, but here are some tips to make drapes work.

Have a Main Drape that Follows the Rules

While you want to add color to your room with drapes in Kent, you may have a rule that only white can face on the outside of the window. This is to make the entire area uniform to help boost property prices. You can still keep the colorful drapes that you want, but you’ll want to have a second layer that you use for the HOA rules.

You’ll need a white set of drapes. They can be sheer if you want, but you need to make sure that the white is on show whenever the drapes are closed. You can even use them throughout the day to block the view into your home, offering privacy while you follow the rules.

There are some benefits to having two layers of drapes, especially in the winter. You have extra insulation around the windows, blocking more heat from getting out. You can also get some light control benefits, as the layer to follow the rules can work as a daytime cover to filter the light instead of blocking all of it.

Opt for a Lining on Your Drapes

You’ll want a lining on your drapes in Kent anyway. The lining will protect the material of the drapes from the UV rays, maintaining the quality of the material throughout their lifetime. If you don’t have a lining, you end up having to replace the drapes sooner than you’d like.

The lining can be beneficial for following the HOA rules. You can get a lining that follows the rules, whether it’s to have white showing to the outside or just to make sure that the side facing the window is the same color for all windows in the house. This is going to depend on the HOA rules in place.

It is possible to get your drapes custom made to ensure you follow the HOA rules with the lining. Look up what they are before you get your drapes custom made. Now you don’t need a secondary layer for your windows, but you can have whatever color or design you want for the side that shows into your home.

Just because there are set rules from a HOA doesn’t mean you’re completely limited in the types of window coverings you get. It is still possible to have drapes in Kent. You just want to get the right types and find ways to make sure your drapes will fit the rules of the area to avoid the fines.

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