Top Tips to Get Maximum Light Benefits from Window Coverings in Burien

There are many types of window coverings in Burien. One of the reasons you get them is to gain control over the light shining through the windows. You want something that will filter the light during the day but also block it all on a night or even on some days of the year.

How do you get maximum light benefits from your window coverings? Here are the top tips for whatever type of window covering you get.

Twist Slats or Use Solar Elements for Managing the Glare

If you have Venetian or vertical window coverings in Burien, you’ll have slats to use. This is something to consider to manage the light. During the day, you can twist the slats, redirecting the UV rays shining through. This will manage the glare without losing all the light. On a night, just close the slats completely and you’ll gain the privacy you desire.

Have solar shades or dual window treatments instead? You’ll need to use the solar element during the day. This blocks the glare shining through, but you lose none of the natural light. You’ll want to consider solar shades for rooms where you like to spend the day relaxing.

Double Up If You Need to for Light Blocking

Next up is blocking all the light shining through. If you have faux or real wood, you don’t have too much of a problem. The materials of the window coverings in Burien will be thick enough to handle the light.

However, you may have solar shades or something that just darkens the room slightly. You’ll want to double up in this case. The most popular option is with a set of thick drapes.

You can pull on the drapes as soon as you need full light blocking. It doesn’t matter if it’s the day or night, you’ll gain a blackout effect with the right material.

Think About Replacing Your Current Window Coverings in Burien

Do your window coverings not quite offer the benefits that you would prefer? If that’s the case, then you need to look at replacing them.

Know what type of light benefits you want to gain from your window coverings. Do you want solar benefits during the day but full privacy benefits a night? Maybe you want something that blocks out the light during the day. This will help you find the perfect options.

Manage Your Expectations Based on the Materials

For those who aren’t ready to replace their window coverings in Burien, you’ll need to consider the materials of the current options. Manage your expectations for light control.

If you have a blackout roller shade, you’ll find it hard to filter the light. You could pull the blind down slightly, blocking out the sun high in the sky but letting in natural light below it. This filters the light well enough.

Once you accept the limitations of your window coverings in Burien, you’ll find a way to filter all the light. You’ll get the light management you desire.