Tips to Encourage Your Landlord to Get Window Shutters in Kent

As a renter, you know there’s little point in getting window shutters in Kent. You’re not likely to stay there long enough to get the full benefit, and you don’t gain some of the financial benefits anyway. That doesn’t mean you can’t have them at all.

Many renters will turn to their landlord with a proposition. There are ways to encourage landlords to get shutters for the home, whether interior or exterior. Here are a few tips to help with the encouragement.

Mention the Protection for the Property

The main thing a landlord is concerned about is the investment. They want to protect their investment property as well as possible, and window shutters in Kent do help with that.

Exterior shutters protect the glass from storms, reducing the risk of flooding due to breakages. They also help to protect from break-ins. Interior shutters are great for privacy and home invasion protection.

If you focus on the protection of the investment, you’ll get the landlord’s attention. This is a great way to encourage another investment in the home, because it does pay off for the landlord in the future.

Increasing the Rent Between Tenants

Another focus is on finances. Window shutters in Kent aren’t cheap. They are another investment for your landlord to make, and this can lead to preferences to stay away from them. However, you can show how the investment can pay off between tenants.

You may have plans to move in a year. Your landlord will be able to raise the rest above any rules for existing tenants, but there’s a chance to raise it a little higher. The shutters offer tenants more benefits too, and this can lead to a little extra in rent each month for the landlord.

Plus, there’s the benefit when it eventually comes to selling the investment property. It’s a great way to add value to the home, leading to a little more in the asking price.

Heating Benefits and UV Protection

Does your landlord pay the bills? If so, this is something to use when it comes to window shutters in Kent. Share how there are heating and cooling benefits with these specific window coverings. If your landlord doesn’t pay the bills, you can share how much you could save and share how this investment property becomes better at fuel efficiency, which is great for the environment.

On top of that, you can focus on UV protection. Shutters are excellent for managing the UV rays coming into the home. The UV rays cause damage to flooring, walls, ceiling, and more. If your landlord has furniture in the house, there’s damage there, too. By using the shutters right, the damage is minimized as the UV rays are blocked. Again, it’s all about protecting that investment.

If you want your landlord to pay for window shutters in Kent, you need to put the focus on the protection of the investment. Landlords want to make money from the investment in the long run, so are motivated to protect the home.

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