Should You Get Barn or Plantation Wooden Shutters in Kent?

You know that you want a set of wooden shutters in Kent for each of your windows. It’s important to create a uniform look around your home, so you want the same type of shutter for each room. Now you need to choose on the type of shutter you get.

Your main two choices are going to be barn shutters or plantation shutters. Both come with their pros and cons. Which one do you need for your home?

Barn Shutters Are Excellent for Security

The biggest benefit of barn wooden shutters in Kent is the security. When you close the shutters, you create a door over your windows. It’s almost impossible for people to get in through your home. While not as effective as external shutters, interior barn shutters are still clearly protective layers against the windows. People will see them as they get to your windows.

You end up with a safer home. You’ll feel more at easy whichever room you’re in. When you’re out, you know that your home is protected because the shutters are closed.

However, you’re losing the light. This is why plantation shutters have become popular.

Plantation Shutters Offer More Light Benefits

You want to be able to manage the levels of light that come into your home. When you close your barn shutters, you block all the light coming in. There’s no choice but to turn the internal lights on. Plantation shutters don’t have this issue.

Whether faux or real wooden shutters in Kent, plantation shutters have louvers that you can open and close. You get to control the amount of light that enters the home. You get something similar to blinds, but you have something permanent in your windows.

Both Wooden Shutters in Kent Offer Privacy

Both types of shutters do offer some of the same benefits. One of those is privacy. The barn shutters make it impossible to see into the home. When you close the louvers on your plantation shutters, you completely block the view into your home. You can sit in whichever room you’re in and feel comfortable.

This benefit is excellent for those who have a direct view to a main road. They’re great for those who feel like their nosey neighbors are constantly watching them.

To choose between your types of wooden shutters in Kent, you’re going to need to decide on other benefits that you want to gain. Do you want the light control or the extra security?

Both Shutters Offer Heating and Financial Benefits

If you’re looking for something that offers heating benefits, then you can choose between either plantation or barn shutters. Barn shutters tend to be the better option of the two, simply because there aren’t any gaps that louvers on plantation shutters would offer.

For those who want the financial benefits, you can choose either of the window treatments. Plantation shutters do tend to be more appreciated purely because of the lighting control, so you may find you add more value to your home with them rather than barn shutters.

There are pros and cons to all window treatments. You know you want wooden shutters in Kent, so now you need to choose between barn and plantation shutters to find the right type for your needs.