How Often Should You Clean Your Wooden Blinds in Burien?

You know that you need to clean your wooden blinds in Burien. They collect dust, and in some rooms, they will also collect grime and grease. It’s important to clean regularly to keep them looking new and protect the materials from damage.

Just how often do you need to clean them? What type of treatments do you need to follow to make sure your wooden blinds look just like new? Here are a few steps to follow.

Dust Your Blinds on a Monthly Basis

You’ll want to clean your wooden blinds in Burien on a monthly basis. This doesn’t have to be a deep clean. The idea is to remove the dust that builds up throughout the month. And your blinds will collect a lot of dust!

Get a cleaning cloth that you can use. There are some that are designed a little like tongs with microfiber cloths at the end so you can grip and swipe in one. You’ll remove the dust that’s built up pretty quickly doing this. It’s also possible to use the vacuum attachment for dusting, but do this gently as you can damage some wooden blinds.

If you do it once a month, you won’t find a lot of dust is able to gather on the materials. If you do find that that there’s a lot of dust, consider cleaning more frequently. Start with once every two weeks and see how that goes.

Opt for a Deeper Clean Once a Year

You’ll need a deeper clean, which you’ll want to start doing once a year. On the wooden blinds in Burien in the kitchen, consider doing it once every six months instead. The kitchen blinds will gather a lot more dust and grime in a short space of time.

There’s no need to use any harsh chemicals on the slats. Simply get some warm soapy water by using dish soap and use a damp cloth to clean. If you use harsh chemicals, you run the risk of damaging the wood. You can also use a wood polish to help clean depending on the exact type of wood you have.

You should find that you don’t need to scrub. If you do need to scrub, it means you need to clean a little more frequently. Start by doing it every six months (every three months for kitchen blinds) and see how that goes.

Spot Clean Wooden Blinds in Burien When Necessary

There will be times that you just notice a spot on the blinds. This could be due to a splash of oil depending on the location of your stove, or it could be that your pets are putting muddy paw prints everywhere. Either way, you don’t need to do a full clean of the blinds.

Instead, you just need to do a spot clean. Do this as soon as you spot it to avoid future damage and problems.

Cleaning your wooden blinds in Burien is easy. If you stay on top of a routine, your blinds will always look just like new.

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