How Cellular Shades in Kent Can Help During the Summer Months

You know how cellular shades in Kent are good for the winter. They offer some excellent heating benefits without being costly. What about when the weather gets warmer?

Doesn’t something that covers the whole window cause problems for letting in the light? Does that mean you have to let all the UV rays in or plunge a room into darkness? Here’s how cell shades could be just what you need for the summer months.

Honeycomb Shades Block Glare Not All the Light

You don’t necessarily lose all the light when you pull the cellular shades in Kent down. The material isn’t all that thick, usually offering room darkening options instead of complete blackout options. What you do get is the lack of UV rays when you pull the shades down, so you prevent the temperatures rising.

There are different types of honeycomb shades, though. The exact lighting benefits are going to depend on the exact type of shade. If you have a thermal one for the winter, you’ll suffer with blocking out all light in the summer, so you’ll probably want to change them out.

When you do pull the shades down, you will lose some of the lighting problems. After all, while you want natural light, you don’t necessarily want the glare that shines through. By pulling the material down and blocking the UV rays, you get rid of the problematic glare so you can sit in a room comfortably.

Blocking the UV Rays Lowers Temperatures and Protects Furniture

The UV rays cause a lot of problems in the house, and not just discomfort. It’s the rays that lead to temperatures rising in the house during the summer, so you end up using the air con more. When you use cellular shades in Kent, you get rid of this issue.

At the same time, you get rid of other problems that UV rays cause. They damage the furniture, the walls, the ceiling, and more. They cause materials to break down or bleach them. You’ll need to replace your furniture or repaint your walls a lot more often because of the damage. By installing cell shades to block the UV rays, you end up managing that problem.

Cellular Shades in Kent Can Offer Privacy While Letting in the Light

Some of the most popular cellular shades are those that open from both the bottom up and the top down. Yes, you can end up letting some UV rays in when you open from the top, but you also gain privacy. You keep the bottom of the window covered, allowing you to get on with your day but also allowing the light to shine through from the top.

Getting the balance here is important. You’ll figure that out as you use your shades more to see what works for you. After all, we all have different tolerances when it comes to heating, lighting, privacy, and more.

It’s time to consider keeping your cellular shades in Kent for the summer months. You’ll be surprised by some of the benefits you gain.