How Blackout Blinds in Renton Will Keep Your Room Cooler in the Summer

While blackout blinds in Renton are popular because of the way they block all light, they also offer other great benefits. During the summer, they will help to keep the room much cooler.

Keeping your home cool is important. You want to be comfortable in the middle of summer, especially during a heat wave. You don’t want to have to keep the air conditioning on, though. That plays on your mind because of the utility costs. So, why not add cooling benefits naturally?

Blackout Blinds Block the UV Rays from Getting In

The main way the blackout blinds in Renton work to keep the room cool is by blocking the UV rays. If you stop the rays from getting in, you cut down on a good 40% of the reason for temperatures to rise. Those UV rays are hitting the glass and causing a greenhouse effect. Now you want that to help your tomatoes grow, but you don’t want it for your health.

You will need to close the blinds for this benefit. You’re unlikely to spend time in the bedroom during the day, so this is an easy choice. What about living rooms and offices, though? Well, it could be worth opting for internal lights to keep your room cool—the lights cost less than your air conditioning.

Blackout Blinds Insulate the Windows

When you add thicker materials over your windows, you will add insulation. Your blackout blinds in Renton will help to manage the temperatures in another way. They stop the heat from getting inside. After all, in the summer, the heat wants to get in to warm the cooler air inside.

Again, you will need to keep the blackout blinds closed. During a heat wave, it’s worth having the blinds shut and relying on internal lights. When the summer heat isn’t as bad, you won’t need to rely on this as much. There’s usually a cool breeze that you can let in to help keep the rooms cooler, especially overnight.

Some Colors Will Help to Absorb the Heat

You will want to think about the color of your blackout blinds in Renton. Some colors are better than others for managing the heat. You’ll want to look at getting darker colors, which will also help to create more of a blackout effect during the day.

The darker colors absorb heat and light. So, as the heat is trying to get through to the cooler temperatures inside, the color of the material will help to absorb that heat. It doesn’t get the chance to get into the room, acting as extra insulation around your windows.

Lighter colors will help to reflect the light back out. This can help to reflect the UV rays, but it doesn’t have the exact same effect as darker colors absorbing the heat.

Blackout blinds in Renton do more than block the light. They help to improve the quality of living in the home by keeping the space cooler in the summer months. It’s time to beat the heat.

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