Do You Really Need Blinds in Des Moines for Energy Efficiency?

With the cost of everything going up, you’ll be looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient. This is also good for the environment overall. It’s come to window coverings, and you may hear that blinds in Des Moines will make your home more energy efficient.

Is that really the case? Surely making your home better for efficiency is to use the power less. Your blinds can help you do that.

You Need the Right Materials for Blinds

Not all blinds in Des Moines are made the same. Some are better for energy efficiency than others. Look out for vinyl, PVC, and other faux wood options. Real wood is good, but it requires more maintenance than faux wood. Real wood also doesn’t last as long and doesn’t work for some rooms in the home.

If you do want fabric blinds, look at getting cellular shades or honeycomb shades. The names are interchangeable. The cells will help with energy efficiency, and you can save money on the initial purchase compared to faux wood.

Getting the right material will make all the difference in your energy bills. They’ll help in ways you didn’t initially expect.

It’s Time to Stop the Heat Loss

Did you know your windows are responsible for around 25% to 30% of all energy loss in the winter? The glass is a big reason why heat gets out of the house. And yes, it is that heat escapes not that the cold is let in, contrary to what your mom said to you all the time.

With the right material, you can block the heat from escaping through the windows. Faux wood blinds in Des Moines will create a barrier that prevents the heat from leaving the house. They’re not perfect; you’re still going to lose a bit of heat. You’re just not going to lose all the heat from the home.

With less heat loss, the temperature in the home remains more consistent. You end up using the heating much less, so you save money on your heating bills. You become more energy efficient without feeling cold in your home.

It’s Time to Manage the Rising Temperatures

In the summer, you have the opposite problem. The glass helps to heat up the home instead. You want to prevent that, and blinds in Des Moines will help. They block the UV rays getting into the home, which then helps to manage the temperatures rising. You get rid of that greenhouse effect.

You don’t need to lose light. With slat blinds, you can redirect the UV rays without losing all natural light. This reduces the need to use your air con as well as the interior lights in your home. You save money on the electricity bills, creating a more efficient home when it comes to energy use.

There are other ways to help with energy efficiency, but your blinds in Des Moines are going to play a big part. Now you just need to make sure you get the right type.

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