3 Top Window Blinds in Kent for Privacy at Night

During the night, you want to get extra privacy. This is possibly on your mind more now as the nights start to get longer. There are many types of window blinds in Kent that will offer great privacy benefits, but which ones are best for you?

While you want privacy at night, you don’t necessarily want to block all the light shining through during the day. That means finding something that filters the light but blocks the view. Here are three types of blinds you’ll want to consider.

Cellular Blinds for a Range of Light, Temperature, and Privacy Benefits

We’ll start with one of the cheapest but most effective window coverings for the home. Cellular window blinds in Kent are more than worth considering, and they don’t look as faded or old-school as they used to! They now look crispy and bright, offering some of the best benefits for the entire home.

The cells will block the heat trying to escape. The material blocks the UV rays getting in. You completely block the view into your home (and yes, out of it, too!). You’ll gain privacy day and night without losing too much light. The fabric just darkens the room instead of blocking out all the natural light.

You can get various colors due to the fabric material. This is perfect when you want to work with a very particular décor style.

Zebra Window Blinds in Kent for Light Filtering and Privacy

Next up is zebra blinds. These are given the name because of the way they alternate between a solar layer and a room darkening or blackout layer. They’re stripes, looking a little like a zebra.

The window coverings will filter light and block the view at the exact same time. Solar layers don’t block the view very well during the night, but it’s hard to see through the alternating look. You’ll gain the privacy that you desire day and night without blocking all the light.

The downside is people can still see if you’re in or not. When you have the light on inside the home, that light will still shine through even if it’s not possible to see clearly through the windows.

Venetian or Vertical Blinds for Top Financial Benefits

If you have a little extra in the budget, you’ll want to consider semi-permanent window blinds in Kent. Venetian blinds and vertical blinds are the styles to consider. The exact type will depend on the size and type of window you have.

With both types of blinds, you get slats. You’ll twist the slats to block the view coming into your home. You can also manage the amount of light that shines through, the direction of the UV rays, and the amount of heat that is able to escape.

When the slats are completely closed, you block all views in and out of your home. You have instant privacy on a night.

You deserve a home that works the way you desire. That means finding the right window blinds in Kent for all your needs.

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