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Light is critical to how your home looks and feels. Too little light, and a room feels depressing. Too much light, and you lack privacy. New blinds can achieve the right balance, but before getting started, you must measure for your desired results. Plus, you need to answer the important question: Do I want inside- or outside-mounted blinds?

Both styles have benefits; for example, you may have really beautiful woodwork trim. If so, you don't want to cover it up, so opt for inside-mounted blinds. In contrast, your windows might have strange cranks that open that window (not very attractive). In this case, you can select outside-mounted blinds that cover them up.

Regardless of your choice, here's a quick guide to getting started with measuring for both styles:

Inside-Mounted Blinds 

Start by measuring the width, which is the distance from one inside edge of the casing to the other. Measure in the following places:

  1. Top
  2. Middle
  3. Bottom

You might find that the measurements aren't uniform, and if so, that's alright. Simply use the narrowest measurement to ensure that once you install the blinds, they operate easily and there isn't any obstruction.

Next, measure the height of the window, which is the distance from the windowsill to the bottom edge of the upper casing. Do this in three places, just like before. But this time, record the longest of the measurements for use.

Finally, measure the depth of the window. Look for the flat surface of the window (it's where you'd set a cup of coffee without spilling it!). Measure the depth of this surface. Some blinds have a minimum depth requirement, so it's helpful to have this measurement to ensure that your first choice will work in the window.

Outside-Mounted Blinds  

Outside-mounted blinds are more forgiving when it comes to measurements. Start by measuring the width, which is the left-to-right space that the window treatment will cover. Then measure the length. When measuring the length, keep in mind where you want to position the headrail (the housing for the parts that control that up-and-down motion of the blinds). From there, measure to the bottom of the windowsill.

No depth measurement is necessary, so once you have the width and length, you're all set.

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