Light Filtering Blinds vs. Blackout Shades

Window shades come in a variety of materials and styles for a variety of different atmospheres and purposes. These differences pose a challenge when it comes to choosing the proper window covering solution for a particular room in your home. Light filtering shades allow light to penetrate through the shades but do not provide enough privacy.

Conversely, a window shade made of a solid or tightly woven material, will provide ample privacy for a given space but will deprive the room of sunlight. The position of the window in the house, the purpose of the room and the shape of the window are all considerations that must be factored into your plan.

Managing light exposure

While filtered natural light accentuates a room's architectural features and decor, the unfiltered light being magnified through window glass can do irreparable damage to flooring, furniture, and upholstery. Therefore, it’s very important that your window blind selections correspond to how each room is decorated.

There are also window shades that are designed for insulating rooms from the cold by blocking unwanted drafts and window leakage. Managing a room’s exposure to light can help reducing energy costs and stabilize the room’s climate.

Light-filtering window shades

Light-filtering window shades are typically constructed from thin or coarsely woven materials. Honeycomb-style window shades are comprised of two fabric layers separated by an internal framework. This style of window shade is designed for multi-purpose, with the goal of filtering the sunlight while also providing insulation. Honeycomb-style window shades are also available in room-darkening styles. Roman shades and sunscreen window shades are also popular light-filtering window shade options.

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Room-darkening window shades

Many varieties of room-darkening window shades are designed to supplement existing window shades for enhanced privacy. Room-darkening shades are either built from solid materials such as vinyl or can be constructed from "blackout" fabrics that are fully opaque and effectively block out all light. For example, the drapery in many hotel rooms are “blackout” style window covering that is intended to thoroughly block the daylight. Black-out shades are ideal for guaranteeing restful sleep and privacy. Blinds and shutters with adjustable louvers are also helpful for keeping out the sunlight. This option offers the most versatility and is very popular in residential and commercial spaces as a result. They can be adjusted to provide the ideal amount of light, or adjusted to block out light entirely.

Selecting Window Shades

Also, make sure to consider the interior and exterior appearance of your home when selecting window shades. Ideally, you should be going for a uniform and consistent appearance on the exterior of your home. Blending different window covering styles will disrupt the continuity of your home’s presentation if you do not factor curb appeal into your window covering strategy. Whether you are looking for light-filtering or room darkening shades, Budget Blinds Serving Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Darien, Rowayton can cover all over your installation needs. Call 203-580-3362 today for a free in-home consultation.

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