How Window Coverings Can Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Summer has arrived, and as the season kicks off, many are remembering the high energy bill that accompanies it. If you are fortunate enough to have air-conditioning, using it can be expensive. So in an effort to drive down costs, people wonder, "What are some low-cost solutions that will keep my house cool and reduce energy consumption?"

Surprisingly, 30 percent of the heat that enters your home is coming from the windows. Making a few changes, however, will help keep the heat out and make your home more pleasant this summer.

Leverage the power of blinds

Blinds are by far the simplest and most effective way to reduce your energy costs. It's not enough, however, just to install blinds. You must use them consistently to keep the heat out. With blinds, you can adjust the slats to control the light. During the summer months, always keep your blinds closed. This single action can reduce heat gain by 45 percent.

Use curtains and drapes

Similar to blinds, any existing curtains that you have throughout the home can be used to keep heat out. Keep them closed all day, especially on the side of the house where the sun hits directly. If you're shopping for new drapes, opt for medium colors with white plastic backings. This will reduce heat by up to 33 percent.

Also, hang your drapes very close to the windows. This will prevent additional light from seeping in through small openings.

Use awnings to maximize results

In addition to your blinds and drapes, install awnings outside your windows to further maximize results. In fact, these awnings can reduce solar heat by 65 percent on windows that face south and 77 percent on windows facing west. Awnings, combined with your window coverings, will ensure that you are keeping your house cool and minimizing your energy bill during the hot months.

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