7 Must-Know Tips for Buying Blinds

Most people don't notice blinds when walking into a room, yet blinds have the power to transform a space. They can flood it with light, or block rays, creating a calm, restful environment. But when shopping for blinds, there are many different options, which can feel overwhelming to the buyer.

Starting with a goal for the room, however, simplifies your options. Here are seven tips to consider before making your next purchase.

Define your lighting needs. How much light should enter the room? For example, you might want a bedroom to get very dark for easier sleeping, yet for a living room, you may want maximum brightness. Decide if you want the space to feel bright and airy, or cozy and dim for sleeping.

Set your budget. Start by prioritizing all windows that need blinds. For example, living room blinds may be highly important because you spend a lot of time in the space. However, you may opt for less expensive blinds for low-traffic spaces, such as an office or guest room.

Select your decorating style. Define what you would like to achieve in the room. For example, should the room feel casual, or more formal? Making this one decision upfront will assist with narrowing your options.

Use optical illusions to accomplish your goals. For example, wider horizontal slats will assist with making windows appear larger. This is nice in smaller rooms or apartments. In contrast, vertical blinds are excellent for windows that are wide, and not tall, such as picture windows.

Plan for cleaning upfront. The blinds you purchase may be installed in your home for years to come. For this reason, it's important to think about cleaning concerns upfront. How much time and effort are you willing to spend on the window treatments? For example, blinds are easily cleaned at home; however, other types of window treatments with certain textures and fabrics may require professional cleaning, and moreover, additional expense.

Factor in family needs. For example, if you have young children in the home, you may opt for cordless blinds or shades to minimize safety hazards.

Define your energy goals. If you live in an area that experiences intense heat or cold, you may opt for insulating blinds. They help block the sun's rays in the summer, and hold in heat during the winter months.

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