5 Easy Tips to Clean Your Blinds

Even during the winter months, the sun occasionally breaks through the clouds and shines into your home. In these moments, you can see it. The dust, dirt and grime that is everywhere.  

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. But getting those dirty spots on your blinds clean doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are five tips for getting your blinds clean today.

1. Leverage a vacuum cleaner. Most vacuums have a hose attachment that helps them suck up the dust that settles into the corners of blinds. Use the vacuum to clean that initial layer of dust before applying a cleaner — or use it periodically for a quick, fast cleaning job.

2. Use an old sock to reach tough places. A sock can help you clean hard-to-reach corners. Apply a window cleaner such as Windex, or mix your own cleaning solution by combining a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. Vinegar is great for cutting through caked-up grime. Run the sock over all dirty places to remove buildup.

3. Use a blow-dryer for fabric blinds. In addition to using a vacuum as described above, you can also use a blow-dryer to clean fabric blinds. Use the “cool” setting and blow out any particles trapped inside cellular blind creases. Dirt and bugs will quickly blow out of the honeycomb shapes, leaving you with a cleaner window covering.

4. Clean wooden and more delicate blinds in place. You’ll want to clean these blinds in place using the above methods. However, for other types of materials, such as metal or vinyl, you can take them down and clean outdoors for greater efficiency.

5. Clean metal or vinyl blinds with dishwashing soap. Simply take the blinds outside and lay them on a large towel or blanket. Then place a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a bucket with warm water. Wet a cloth with the soapy mixture and wash the binds from side to side. Use a garden hose to rinse. Alternatively, you could let the blinds soak in the tub with warm water and a little dish soap, and use a soft brush to wipe the slats clean.

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