Why Dual Window Shades in Bastrop Are Something Worth Considering

As needs and styles grow, so do the styles of window shades in Bastrop. There are new styles and ideas every year. One of the most recent offerings is dual window shades.

Dual window shades help to offer the benefits of two different types of window coverings in one. At the same time, they’ll counter the downsides of those two different types. In most cases, you’ll get a solar layer and a blackout layer. Both are built into the same system, but you can pull one, the other, or both down whenever you want.

Not sure this type of window covering is for you? Here’s why you need to consider them.

Get Around the Downsides of Solar Window Shades in Bastrop

During the day, you want to let the natural light in without the glare. You also want privacy in the home. Solar shades are excellent for this. They work like one-way mirrors with the light doing the work. The view in or out of the home is blocked depending on the direction the light comes from. During the day, the light comes from the outside so the view from the outside into your home is blocked.

This is a problem on a night. You have the light inside the home. You won’t be able to see out, but people can see in. The blackout layer of the dual shade will counter that issue. You don’t need to worry about the light coming in from the outside, so you block the light and the view in one. You’ll have privacy whenever you need it.

Block the Light Whenever It’s Necessary

Sometimes, you don’t want the light shining into your home during the day. This is especially important in a bedroom or a home theater. So, you’ll want to block the light, and that’s what the blackout layer is for.

Dual window shades in Bastrop are great for the times that you don’t need to block all the light. You still want to filter that light, so the solar layer will do that job for you. You just know that will a pull of the dual shade, you can get the blackout effect whenever necessary.

Add Extra Insulation Around Your Windows

Heat escapes through your windows. There is no way to prevent that fact from happening. You just need to do something that will minimize the amount of heat that gets through. This means adding insulation around your windows. Dual window shades in Bastrop are excellent.

You’re getting two layers of material, and the heat can get trapped between those two layers. It means the windows feel warmer, so the heat doesn’t feel the need to escape through the windows. When it does, the extra material makes it harder for the heat to get out. You have extra warmth without using the heating as much, saving your energy bills.

It’s time to look at some of the new styles of window shades in Bastrop available. Dual shades are beautiful additions full of benefits.

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