Can Roller Shades in La Grange Offer Noise Reduction Benefits?

There are some great benefits to roller shades in La Grange. Lighting and privacy are at the top of many lists, but these window coverings can also help with heat reduction and consistency. There is another need in the home. It’s all about noise reduction.

You know you can’t block out all the noise that comes into your home. That’s simply impossible unless you get soundproofing over your windows. However, some window coverings can help to minimize some of the noise that comes into the home. Are roller shades on the list?

Look Out for Thicker Materials

If you want noise reduction from roller shades in La Grange, you’ll need to look at some of the thicker materials out there. Thicker materials help to absorb some of the soundwaves, making it harder for them to get through the window and into your home. This means you’re looking at vinyl roller shades or the thicker blackout options.

Of course, with thick materials comes a downside. You’re going to create a blackout effect in your home. This isn’t too bad if you’re in a room where you need this to happen, but what about when you’re in a room where you would like a little natural light here and there? What are you willing to sacrifice?

The noise reduction only works when the blinds cover the whole window. If you leave a gap, the soundwaves can work their way under. You’re also not going to get the full noise reduction effect as there are better materials out there.

Opt for Shutters Instead

Roller shades in La Grange can help, but they’re not as effective as shutters. If you really want to cut out the noise coming through the window, you need something that is more like a door than a covering. Shutters are great for this, even plantation shutters with the louvers. Of course, board and batten or similar shutters are going to be much better.

The material is much thicker than the fabric of the shades. This helps to absorb more of the soundwaves coming in, cutting out more of the noise from the outside world. They’re still not perfect, but they are much better.

The downside here is the cost. Shutters are an investment, and they don’t work for everyone.

Good Windows Are What You Need

The reduction of the noise coming through the window comes down to the glass. You want thicker glass to help reduce the soundwaves getting in. Roller shades in La Grange will help to add more of a buffer, but it really comes down to the quality of the windows.

While this is a huge investment into your home, it’s one that offers a wide range of other benefits. Your windows will fit perfectly and you can choose something that also helps to block the heat loss and gain as well as the noise.

Noises coming into the home can be annoying and they can wake you up. While roller shades in La Grange can help a little, they’re not the best option for the home for noise reduction.

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