Do Plantation Shutters in Shiner Actually Block Out the Light?

You’re buying plantation shutters in Shiner for multiple reasons. One of those is to block out the light coming into the home. Before you do buy, you want to make sure statements about light blocking are true.

Just how effective is the ability to block light? Can you really control light with plantation shutters, or are you limited in your choices?

It Does Depend on the Material

Before we go into controlling light through the louvers, we need to consider the materials of plantation shutters in Shiner. It’s important to get material that is going to allow a full blackout ability, so you get full light control when you need it.

The good news is most plantation shutters are made out of good materials. You’ll get the choice of faux wood or real wood, and there are some metal options. It’s highly unlikely you’ll see any type of fabric material because they’re not used for shutters.

Real wood is something to watch out for. The material warps in the heat, which can lead to the louvers not working effectively as they get older. Faux wood and metal won’t warp, which means they continue to offer all the light benefits you need for as long as you have the shutters in place.

It’s All About Twisting the Louvers on Plantation Shutters in Shiner

You can effectively block out the light through the twisting of the louvers. When fully closed, you get something like venetian blinds. The louvers will sit slightly on top of each other to block out all the light that shines through. As long as there are no gaps in the shutters, you will create that full blackout effect.

When you don’t want to block out all the light but want to manage the glare, you will need to twist the louvers slightly. You’ll want to do this upward for the privacy as well as the light control. When you twist the louvers a little, you’ll redirect the UV rays so they’re no longer coming through to the home and causing rising temperatures. You’ll still have some natural light shining through.

Then when you want to let all the light and glare through, you just open the louvers on the plantation shutters in Shiner, so they sit parallel to the floor. You can also open the shutter doors if you need to.

Consider Motorized Shutters for Better Efficiency

If you don’t want to keep getting up to handle the louvers, you could look at investing in motorized options. These can be controlled through a variety of options, including via a remote or through your smartphone.

If you have a smart shutter, you’ll be able to gain more efficiency. The system can be control via the way the light hits the louvers, encouraging the louvers to close automatically to prevent the UV rays getting into the home. When the sun goes down, you can also set the system to close the louvers to block the view into the home and block the ability for people outside to see there’s a light on or not in the house.

There are a lot of reasons people buy plantation shutters in Shiner. Blocking the light coming into the home is one of the biggest reasons, and yes, shutters really are effective for this.

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