Can Fabric Blinds in Bastrop Work in the Bathroom?

It’s time to update your bathroom, and that means looking at window coverings. Right now, what you have worked but looks dated. You want something fresh but not expensive, which is why you’re looking at fabric blinds in Bastrop.

You want something that adds color to the room and something that will offer some privacy benefits in this room of the home. Are fabric blinds any good for the bathroom?

It Depends on the Type of Bathroom

Let’s start with the fact that not all bathrooms are made the same. Some will have the bath and shower, while others are just a toilet with a sink. What type of bathroom do you have to add blinds in Bastrop?

If you have just the toilet and sink, a washroom, then you’ll find that fabric blinds look good and work well. This room doesn’t get that humidor doesn’t suffer from a lot of moisture, so you don’t end up with damage to the window coverings.

When you have the shower and the bath, you end up with a lot of heat and moisture in the room. This can lead to moisture damage to the fabric. There are ways around managing this, but you’ll need to do more work than you would have with just other materials.

Fabric Blinds in Bastrop Need Care

As mentioned, you’ll need to make sure you care for the blinds when you place them in the bathroom. The good news is you don’t have to do too much.

You’ll use an extractor fan when you’re in the shower anyway. After all, the moisture and humidity from the shower can cause damage to other parts of the room. You’ll end up causing the paint to bubble and mold damage around the walls can happen. So, you’re going to get the moisture out as much as possible when you’re in the shower.

This will help protect your blinds. However, you’ll also want to make sure they completely dry out between uses. Keep them down for a while when you get out of the shower to help them dry. Pulling them up to let the light in traps some of the moisture in the fabric.

There Are Better Options Out There

The truth is that there are better options than fabric blinds in Bastrop for the bathroom. You can look at getting metal or faux wood blinds. Vinyl is a popular option when it comes to rooms with moisture. If you do have the money and you own the property, consider shutters for the room.

These options won’t need as much maintenance. The moisture won’t get into the material and cause damage. You’ll often find the moisture evaporates off.

Of course, the cost comes into play here. When you’re on a budget, you want to keep the upfront costs to a minimum.

Fabric blinds in Bastrop look good and they are affordable. They can work in bathrooms, but you’ll need to be willing to put in the maintenance to protect them in the long term.

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