Why Plantation Shutters in Fredericksburg Are Perfect for Families with Pets

If you have a pet in the home, you want to think about window treatments carefully. Blinds and shades can look beautiful, but they’re not the most pet friendly. Plantation shutters in Fredericksburg are the most beneficial options for the home, as long as you’re not renting. Here’s why you need to consider plantation shutters seriously.

They’re Durable Against Scratches

Of course, this will depend on the type of material you choose for your plantation shutters, but they can be extremely durable against scratches and marks. You’ll want to choose vinyl or faux wood shutters over real wood and other treatments.

Pets will head to the window to see when you’re coming back. They can become agitated and worried that you’re not going to return and that leads to them attacking or damaging items in the home. It’s completely normal but can lead to wrecked window coverings. Plantation shutters in Fredericksburg won’t show all the damage that does occur, especially vinyl options that are scratch resistant.

They’re Harder to Damage

Not only are the shutters scratch resistant but they’re harder to damage in other ways. Blinds look great but they’re not the most pet friendly. The slats will be squashed and broken by paws and the weight of your pets’ bodies. They’re misshapen and often damaged beyond repair.

That’s not the case with plantation shutters. Even though there are louvers, they’re made with a solid material that protects them from damage. Shutters are designed to last decades, even up against pets trying to climb past to get to the window.

Plantation Shutters in Fredericksburg Are Left Open

During the day, there’s a slim chance that you’ll use your shutters. You may have another type of window treatment to help manage the glare, but there’s no need to use the actual shutters. This means your pets have access to the window, especially when you’re out.

If you do have them shut, they’re made of durable material at least. When you go out, you can just remember to keep at least one shutter door open, allowing some space for your pet to sit.

Shutters Are Easy to Clean

Even if your pet does get muddy paws all over the plantation shutters in Fredericksburg, this isn’t going to be a problem. The shutters are easy to clean and maintain. There are chances you’ll get a few paw prints along the bottom of your panels, but you can usually use wipe the prints off.

This can depend on the material of the shutters, but most are treated in a way that makes them low maintenance. Vinyl and real wood are much easier to clean than fabric shades!

It’s time to consider your window treatments with your pets in mind. Unless you’re renting (because of the long-term financial benefits), plantation shutters in Fredericksburg can be the best options for your four-legged friends. They’re designed to last, whatever life throws at them. Consider vinyl shutters today to make the most of the money spent on your window coverings in your home.

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