Could You Use Vertical Blinds for French Doors in Fredericksburg?

French doors are beautiful additions to the home. They let in a lot of light and are practical to use to get to the patio. However, they can be difficult to dress to manage light and privacy. Could you use vertical blinds for French doors in Fredericksburg?

While there are certainly some benefits to vertical blinds, they may not be the right option for your doors. Here are the top considerations to make to find the best French door blinds for your needs.

You’ll Need the Blinds to Sit Away from the Door

One of the downsides is the way the French doors open compared to the vertical blinds. You need to slide the vertical blinds back and forwards, and they can catch on the handles. This can make vertical treatments not the right blinds for French doors in Fredericksburg.

However, you can sit your blinds slightly away from the door. The window treatments will need to sit far enough away not to get caught in the handles when you close and open the blinds. You’ll need to make sure they don’t catch when twisting the slats for the full benefits of vertical blinds.

The Vertical Blinds Can Get in the Way of the Door

Not only will you get in the way of the door handle, but you can get in the way of the opening of the door. When you have vertical blinds for French doors in Fredericksburg, you will see the slats sitting in front of the whole door. Other types of blinds will just sit in the window of the French doors.

You’ll need to fully open the blinds when you want to walk in and out of the door. Sure, you need to do that with the likes of sliding doors, but you can open in the same direction, so the flow remains. With French doors, you’re opening in a different method and need more space from the blinds.

Mini Blinds for French Doors in Fredericksburg Could Be Better

There are many other types of blinds that could work getter for French doors. Mini blinds are excellent, so you get the benefits of blinds but they sit within the small window. Honeycomb shades or roller shades are also popular options.

Have a look at all your options available. Make sure you have something that works specifically for the French doors to avoid anything that can get in the way. You want to make the full use of the doors and the window treatments.

It Really Depends on Other Window Treatments

Finally, you’ll need to look at the other types of window treatments in your home. Even if you could use vertical blinds for French doors in Fredericksburg, you’ll need to make sure the window treatments work with the rest of your home. Will the style match all the other windows in the home? If not, you want to look at similar window treatments to the others you already have.

Trying to find blinds for French doors in Fredericksburg is tricky, but there are some beautiful options out there. Vertical blinds may not be the best option for you.

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