Why Consider a Valance in Fredericksburg as a Secondary Window Covering?

You want a secondary window covering. Depending on the reason for this, you may find that a valance in Fredericksburg is the best option for your home. While it doesn’t offer many practical benefits, it can offer décor benefits.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Here are all the reasons you’ll want to consider one for your window coverings.

You Cover Up the Top of Your Window Treatments

The valance in Fredericksburg is added to the top of your windows, covering up the primary window treatments. This can help to get rid of an unsightly mechanism at the top of your window, which is often the case with a set of blinds or a roller shade.

You will want to avoid too much at the top of your windows. If you have roman shades, you likely won’t need a valance. The valance can also get in the way of shutters. However, other window treatments will look beautiful with the extra layer.

Add Texture to Your Windows

One of the greatest benefits is the texture. Your valance in Fredericksburg helps to get rid of that sense of plainness around your windows. You’ll have something that stands out, dressing your windows and making the area look a little more 3D.

You can do this with all sorts of valance styles. Whether you just have a plain covering at the top or you end up with an intricate and bright covering, you’ll create texture that works with the rest of your home.

A Valance in Fredericksburg Will Add Color

Color is certainly a benefit. Your primary window covering will likely be plain in nature. You have something that works with all other décor needs and will be easy to build upon if you change your décor. Your valance will stand out for other reasons.

You can pick and choose the colors. It’s possible to switch out the valance with each season, bringing a sense of the color scheme to your home. It’s possible to bring your personality and style with ease.

This is especially beneficial if you rent. You likely won’t be able to make many changes when it comes to the color of the walls. The valance is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way of doing this.

Draw Attention to the Windows

You’ll immediately bring a sense of style to your home. It’s possible to draw attention to your windows. This is often through the color or the texture that you add. After all, when you have a window full of white or cream, a splash of color is going to immediately catch the eye.

You can still keep a neutral effect and bring color. Grey or brown can be an excellent addition, matching with most other decors with ease. You’ll still immediately capture the attention of someone in your home.

While a valance in Fredericksburg won’t offer too many practical benefits, you can still gain when it comes to the décor in your home. You’ll add color and texture without breaking the budget.

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