What to Look for in High Quality Blackout Shades in Fredericksburg

You know that you want and need blackout shades in Fredericksburg. They offer a range of benefits, especially for bedrooms. Now you need to find the best options for you.

 While you want affordable, you also want to make sure your window treatments are high quality. Here are four things to look for in high quality blackout shades. 

A Lining on the Side Facing the Window

 Look at the side of the shade that will face the window. This should have a good lining. If it doesn’t, it’s a sign that the shades have been poorly made and a sign that the shades won’t last that long.

 The lining offers some protection against the damaging UV rays coming through the window. This will break down sooner than the shade, but that’s okay. Linings can be replaced relatively easily. You just want to make sure it’s there and in good quality in the first place!

 Check Out the Stitching Quality 

Look at the stitching on the hem of the shades. This shouldn’t be frayed and should be in a straight line. If there are any problems, it suggests that the shades haven’t been made to the best quality.

 Poor stitching is a sign that other elements of the shades are poorly made. It is also a sign that the shades will break down quickly.

 Look for Patches in the Blackout Shades in Fredericksburg

 Check over the material for any patches. There shouldn’t be any. When you hold up to the light, you shouldn’t be able tosee anything shine through from the other end. Otherwise, they’re not blackout shades, right?

 Over time, shades do break down. The materials will wear away, but if you start with this then the shades aren’t going to last as long as they should. Nor will they do their job! 

Get a Feel of the Material

 It’s harder when you’re buying online, but this is why asking for samples is always important. You’ll get the chance to feel the material of the blackout shades in Fredericksburg.

 You’ll be able to tell from the feel of material whether it’s high quality or not. Check to see if it feels thin or there’s a feeling of greasiness or poor texture to it. You don’t want something that feels like it could fall apart in your hands after a few touches.

 The Quality of Any Cords

 Finally, checkout the cords if the shades come with them. You’ll want to avoid blackout shades in Fredericksburg with cords for a child’s room, but you may have decided to get them for your own bedroom. The cords shouldn’t be frayed and should have a good strength to them for rolling up and down.

 If you’ve opted for cordless, check out the working mechanism of the shades. Do all the sections line up as they should? Do the runners on the demo shades look off? What’s the catch system like?

 High quality blackout shades in Fredericksburg are a must. You want to invest your money and not waste it on items that will need to be replaced every few years.

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