What Are the Best Types of Window Coverings in Spotsylvania for Rental Properties?

You’re renting out a property and you want to make sure your tenants will have the best window coverings for their home. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune on something you can’t enjoy yourself. So, what are the best types of window coverings in Spotsylvania for rental properties?

While you don’t want to spend too much upfront, you’ll also want to consider the return for you later. Of course, you’ll also need to think about what some renters can be like – not everyone will take care of a property. Here are the top types of window coverings to consider.

Shutters for Long Term Benefits

One of the last things you want to do is constantly need to replace the window coverings in Spotsylvania rental properties. Shutters offer the best long-term benefits and can make an apartment or townhouse far more likeable for tenants. They also show that you care about the safety of your tenants, as shutters tend to create a barrier to prevent burglars.

However, they are the most expensive options. If you get a bad tenant, you can end up spending money sooner than you should to replace. Of course, you can take from the deposit but this isn’t usually enough to replace all shutters in a property.

Venetian or Vertical Blinds for Low-Cost Benefits

Blinds are extremely popular. They offer a range of heating and lighting benefits to the tenant while being much more affordable than shutters. You can get all types but you’ll want to think about venetian blinds for normal windows and vertical blinds for sliding windows.

You’ll need to consider the material carefully. Faux wood is one of the best materials for any window coverings in Spotsylvania. It’s durable, beneficial, and beautiful. However, if you want to save on money, aluminum or vinyl blinds are among the best.

Roller Shades for Quick, Easy, and Cheap

What about when you just want something quick and easy to install? Roller shades are among the most common types of window coverings in Spotsylvania rental properties. They don’t cost a lot to buy and offer the basic benefits.

If you don’t supply window treatments, you’ll usually find that tenants will place roller shades up. They offer no long term benefits but they do the basics of offering privacy and lighting control. So, if you do decide to cover the windows for your tenants, you’ll need to be aware of the lack of value added to your place.

One of the great things about roller shades is they don’t cost a lot to replace. If you’ve had a string of bad tenants or you’re worried about getting bad tenants, you’ll want to consider something cheap that is easy and quick to replace.

There’s nothing wrong with not adding window treatments to your rental properties. However, you may get away with charging more rent for good treatments around the windows. Before you get just any type of window coverings in Spotsylvania for your rental properties, consider the top three most common options.

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