Practical or Decorative Window Treatments in Fredericksburg: What’s Best for You?

There are many types of window treatments in Fredericksburg available. In the majority of cases, you want something that’s practical. After all, they’re there for lighting benefits, right? But you will want something that offers decorative benefits.

 So, which type of window coverings should you get for your home? Which type will work out the best for you? This is going to depend on what you want to gain from your window treatments.

 Most Window Treatments Offer Lighting Benefits

 The majority of window treatments in Fredericksburg will make sure you get the lighting benefits that you need. They’ll allow you to block out the light coming both in and out of your home. This grants you safety and privacy at the same time.

 There are only a few options that won’t offer any lighting benefits at all, such as valances. In these cases, you’re going to want to look at other window treatments. That moves us onto the next tip. 

Double Up with Other Window Treatments in Fredericksburg

 Doubling up your window treatments is an excellent way to get both the decorative and practical benefits. There may be times of the year that you don’t want to hang anything around the windows that block the light. However, you want to add texture and color, which is when you want valances or sheer drapes.

 When you want to block light or you need to gain heating benefits, you can add another layer to your windows. A thicker set of drapes, some cellular shades, or even blinds will offer benefits for your home.

 When You Use Exterior Shutters Daily

 If you have exterior shutters that you use daily, there are high chances that you won’t want window treatmentsin Fredericksburg that will add more lighting or heating benefits. You’ll want something that’s decorative in nature. After all, you get all the benefits from your exterior shutters.

 When your exterior shutters are decorative, you’ll want to look at interior window treatments that offer benefits. You’ll want to gain the benefits you lose by making your exterior treatments purely decorative.

 Getting the Best of Both Worlds

 You can gain both decoratively and practically with window treatments in Fredericksburg. It’s all about choosing the right type for your needs. Drapes are one of the best ways to do that. You can quickly close and open the drapes to block the light, gain some heating benefits, and you gain the patterns, colors, and styles of the material at the same time.

 Shutters and blinds can also help. However, they tend to be plain, so you need to double up with another type of window treatment.

 Shades are another popular way to get the best of both worlds. Roller and roman shades are among the best for getting practical and decorative at the same time.

 There’s nothing wrong with choosing practicality over decorative window treatments in Fredericksburg. At the same time, you can choose the other way. It’s going to depend on the full benefits that you want to gain.

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