Living with Pets: Tips for Protecting Your Blinds in Fredericksburg

Blinds in Fredericksburg are excellent options for the home. They’re practical, look good, and offer a range of benefits. Whether you choose venetian blinds, Persian blinds, or even vertical blinds, you can benefit greatly.

 However, if you have pets, you’ve likely heard of horror stories. You may have even lived through them. Animals tend to see the window treatments more as a barrier they need to get through and they’re not afraid to do some damage. They don’t mean it, of course, but it’s important to take some steps to protect your blinds when living with pets.

 You can manage it. You can enjoy the look of blinds even when you have dogs and cats in the house. Here are three top tips for using blinds when living with pets.

 Keep the Open When You Leave

 If your pets try to escape through the window when you leave the house, keeping the blinds in Fredericksburg down is a big no-no. Animals will try to go through the blinds. Instead of leaving the slats tilted open to let them see out, open the blinds completely. Draw the up or to the side, depending on the type of blind you have, so it’s easy enough for the pets to get to the window.

 You’ll come home to no more broken slats. You’ll also not have to worry about your pets getting stuck within the blinds.

 Keep the Blinds in Fredericksburg Completely Closed

 Alternatively, you could opt for the completely closed approach. This takes out the view from the window completely, so it looks like there’s just a wall in the way.

 This isn’t as beneficial as keeping the blinds completely open. When you close them, you run the risk of plunging the house into darkness before you get back. This can be upsetting to your pets. They can also just know that there’s a window on the other side and tear the blinds down completely.

 It’s going to depend on how nervous your pets get and the material of the blinds. The upside is in the middle of summer, your home remains cooler with the blinds closed.

 Consider Non-Slat Blinds

 You may want to go back to the drawing board with your window treatments. While you can make use of slat blinds in Fredericksburg, sometimes, it’s just better to prevent than try to protect. Get a set of window treatments that don’t have the slats so you don’t have the worry of your pets getting caught.

 Roller shades, solar shades, and roman shades all tend to be more beneficial. You can also benefit from honeycomb shades or window curtains.

 If you have a cat that loves to climb, avoid fabrics. Your cat will get her claws stuck in and climb up, ruining any type of window treatment you get. With dogs, you get away with fabric a little more.

 Just because you have pets doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful and practical window coverings. Before you get blinds in Fredericksburg, consider if they are the right choice for your window treatment needs.

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