How to Pet-Proof Your Curtains in Fredericksburg

Sometimes you don’t have the time to buy new pet-friendly window coverings for your home. While you know that curtains in Fredericksburg aren’t the best options, you can take steps to protect them from your four-legged newcomers. Whether you have a cat, dog, or other creature, here’s what you can do to pet-proof your curtains.

Get Tension Rods

Cats will climb. That’s what they love to do and they will climb anything they find possible. One of the best ways to protect your curtains is through the use of tension rods. As the cats start to climb, the rod is pulled down slightly and your cat will think the whole curtain railing will fall down. Your cat will head off to something else they can climb.

Try to have an alternate item to climb on, such as a climbing rope tree. Get them something they can use and they’ll avoid what you don’t want them to use.

Use Water as a Deterrent

Sometimes you just want to deter your cat from the curtains in Fredericksburg. Water is the most effective and definitely not harmful. Just a small spray bottle that you can spray at the cat when they start climbing will be enough to eventually deter them. This is useful for younger cats, so they get in the habit of going elsewhere to get their climbing fix.

The benefit of water is that it doesn’t harm the cat and won’t stain your drapes. There are some treatments you can put on your curtains to avoid cats climbing but they tend to stain the fabric.

Use a Bitter Spray on Your Curtains in Fredericksburg

You can make your own bitter spray for your curtains. This is a good way to deter all your pets from the material, especially dogs. A puppy will chew everything possible. Sometimes it’s teething and other times it’s due to anxiety. Whatever the reason, you want to deter from the drapes and curtains.

While you can buy a bitter spray, some will stain the fabric. Make your own with some white vinegar or lemon juice. The acidic qualities are bitter enough. Dilute them with some water to avoid bleaching your material.

Keep Material Out of Reach

The best thing to do with curtains in Fredericksburg is to avoid having the material in the way. Out of sight, out of mind. That’s certainly the case with pets. If dogs, cats, and other animals can’t see the material, they won’t go towards it.

Use ties to keep the bottom of your drapes off the floor. You’ll also want to avoid putting couches, tables, and other furniture close to the curtains. Most of the time, pets will climb and chew when you’re not around, so you can often just focus on tying out of the way when you go out.

Are you ready to pet-proof your window coverings? When it comes to curtains in Fredericksburg, there’s not much you can do. However, the small steps are highly effective against all types of pets.

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