Exterior vs. Interior Falmouth Plantation Shutters: Which Do You Need?

There are two types of plantation shutters in Falmouth: interior or exterior. Both have their own pros and cons. While you will likely find exterior shutters, it is worth considering the interior ones for a slightly easier window treatment option. Here’s a look at the two to help you decide which type you really need for your Falmouth home.

Interior Shutters Are Protected from the Elements

The main point of exterior shutters is to protect your windows from the elements. While that improves the longevity of your windows, most window glass is treated to remain sturdy throughout most storms.

Exterior plantation shutters suffer from elemental damage. When it comes to interior Falmouth interior shutters, they are protected from the rain and wind. They don’t suffer from the snow or temperamental temperatures. The interior shutters will last much longer and will require less maintenance work. They end up being much better for your finances.

Get Tiered Interior Shutters

Another brilliant benefit is the tiered interior shutter design. It’s possible to get shutters that separate in the middle, allowing you to close the top but keep the bottom opening, varying the amount of light that is let into the home.

Exterior shutters only come in one plank. It’s difficult to minimize light without cutting it out completely.

Exterior Look Good for 18th Century Homes

One of the biggest benefits of exterior plantation shutters in Falmouth is the ability to add character to the home. This is especially the case with 18th or early 19th century homes. After all, plantation homes are when these types of window coverings were popular.

If you have a home from the time periods, you will want to consider getting exterior shutters. Even those that are just for display will look good and will help to add more value to your home.

There are different styles to help work with your exact needs. You can complement the doorway or an archway onto the porch.

Minimize Burglary Threats with Exterior Shutters

Your exterior Falmouth plantation shutters have the ability to be clearly visible. Those passing by see them and will consider them a deterrent if they have unscrupulous intentions. After all, they know they need to get through the shutters and then the windows if they want to break in.

Interior shutters can certainly make break-ins harder, but they’re not as visible. There’s nothing stopping a burglar from at least attempting, only to come across with a difficult section to break through. You will then have a window to repair. With exterior, you instantly make it clear that your home is not open to strangers.

Benefits of Both Types of Shutters

Of course, both types of plantation shutters have joint benefits. They will both offer insulation for the home, keeping the heat of the sun out but the heat within the home in. You’ll see lower HVAC bills because of this. The shutters will also offer privacy to the home. Just simply closing them helps to prevent onlookers from seeing anything inside.

Both types of plantation shutters in Falmouth are made of different materials, in different styles and colors. They will all work with your home’s décor and style effortlessly. Now you just need to decide which of the individual benefits above you want the most. 

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