Dos and Don’ts of Cordless Blinds in Fredericksburg

Cordless blinds in Fredericksburg are some of the most beneficial and beautiful options in the home. They can easily be motorized but even if not, you get something that you know is safe for the whole family. Before you get a set of blinds installed, here are the dos and don’ts of cordless window treatments.

Do Consider Them for Child-Friendly Homes

If you have children or pets in the house, you’ll certainly want to put cordless blinds on the list of consideration for your home. They can be extremely beneficial for the safety of the home.

You don’t need to use them in every single room. If you want to see how they work out first, consider adding them into the kids’ bedrooms and other areas they spend a lot of time.

Do Consider Them for Multiple Windows

If you have a home with a lot of windows in each room, you’ll want to consider cordless blinds in Fredericksburg. They are seamless additions to the windows, getting rid of the distraction of the cords.

You can also consider them for bay windows. The cordless features will sit together without cords getting in the way of the opening and closing mechanism.

Don’t Use Cordless Blinds in Fredericksburg on Large Windows

If you have wide windows, you’ll want to think twice about a cordless feature. The cords help to balance the whole of the blind, so when you open and close, you’re not putting too much strain on one part of the mechanism. Cordless blinds get rid of that benefit.

However, you can choose to put multiple cordless mini blinds together. This is a great way to get a seamless look and more control over the lighting that comes into the space.

Don’t Place Furniture in Front of Them

One of the most common mistakes is putting furniture in front of your windows. When you have cordless blinds in Fredericksburg, you’ll find it much harder to open and close your blinds. After all, the cord was the reason you can lean over the furniture and open and close with ease.

This could mean rethinking your floor plan. That’s much easier than risking the safety of pets and children. However, you could also consider motorizing your blinds, which comes to the next “do.”

Do Consider Getting Motorized Cordless Blinds

One of the easiest decisions you could make is to go for motorized blinds. You can get so many beautiful types of blinds and shades, working with your home’s décor quickly and effectively. Plus, motorized cordless blinds in Fredericksburg will immediately offer a range of other benefits.

You can connect to a smart phone depending on the type of motorized system, which allows you more control when you’re out of the house. And then we can’t forget the ease of use wherever you’re sitting in the home.

Think about cordless blinds in Fredericksburg. They’re not going to work for every single room in the home or all your needs, but they can be invaluable additions when used well.

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