Why Are Window Valances in Federal Way Becoming More Popular?

If you look at home décor tends, you’ll see that window valances in Federal Way are becoming more popular. Some places are opting for wooden valances, better known as cornices, but there are many opting for fabric coverings.

These fabric coverings don’t offer many practical benefits. Why would they become so popular when it’s all about décor?

They Add Color to Smaller Windows

If you have small windows, you may not need to get any type of window covering. Adding something like drapes or shades will just distract from the space, making the room or the windows look smaller than they really are. You end up with a cramped room. That’s not the case with window valances in Federal Way.

The valances sit at the top of the window. They don’t cover too much space, adding a splash of color without causing a room or a window to look smaller than it really is.

The Right Window Valances in Federal Way Can Offer Practical Benefits

While most valances only offer decorative benefits, they can offer some practical benefits. You just need to get the right type of valances for your windows. It’s worth looking into valances that hang a little bit lower, covering the top quarter or third of your window. This is easier with smaller windows than with larger ones.

The material will cover where the sun sits high. It’s possible to block the direct UV rays shining through the window, helping to reduce some of the glare and offer some temperature benefits. You don’t get as many benefits as you would with a set of drapes or shades, but you’ll get some benefits, especially for those smaller windows where you don’t want larger window coverings.

They Hide the Hardware That You Don’t Want on Show

When you get drapes and curtains, you have to deal with the rods. With window shades, you’re dealing with the way they sit at the top of your windows. Now you need to find something that covers something that can look unsightly, which is where window valances in Federal Way are becoming useful.

They cover up the entire opt of the window. This means they cover all the hardware that holds your other window coverings in place. Get the right valance, and you’ll blend in with the rest of the window coverings, making it look like you have coverage for three sides of the windows.

Valances Can Help Make Your Window Treatments Stand Out More

Your window valances in Federal Way can make other window treatments stand out. You’ll want to get the valances in the same or similar color to your walls. The other window treatments will then be in a different color—or a different shade of the same color.

The idea is that your valances will blend in with the walls to make the window coverings stand out even more. You get a 3D texture to your windows because of how the valances will sit over the top of your window coverings.

Window valances in Federal Way are becoming more popular than ever. Will they work for your needs?

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